Planet Fitness Loses $400 Million+ After Allowing Men in Women’s Locker Rooms!

Planet Fitness is receiving major backlash in light of their recent decision to terminate the membership of a customer who expressed discomfort at a man being in the women’s locker room. Patricia Silva is a woman who entered the locker room at Planet Fitness and witnessed a man shaving his face in the sink. She took her phone out to take a picture of this, and she asked Planet Fitness about their policy on this matter. Planet Fitness said that they stood by anyone using whichever restroom they wanted. She then posted a video outside of Planet Fitness describing the conversations she had just had.

Later, her membership was terminated for even bringing up this issue and sharing this story online. This story has sparked outrage online, as gym goers are concerned that Planet Fitness cares more about the feelings of men who want to use the women’s locker room than keeping women safe and promoting privacy and respect. Many people have reported that they are canceling their memberships in light of Planet Fitness canceling Silva’s membership and protecting men in women’s spaces.

The stock value of Planet Fitness has plummeted this week as this backlash grew and people canceled their memberships. The company has reportedly lost over $400 million over the short period since this went viral online. A new photo has also been posted of the same man that Silva complained about continuing to use women’s facilities at the same Planet Fitness.

Users on X have circulated photos of signs Planet Fitness has posted by their restrooms when a man is in the women’s room cleaning. Based on this sign, they clearly recognize that women do not feel comfortable with a man being in a women’s gym locker room. Locker rooms usually have showers and changing areas, which women obviously would not want to use with a man in the area able to potentially view them in that state.

Libs of Tiktok, an X page exposing the radical left’s agenda, just shared a recording of a phone call a journalist made to Planet Fitness. The man who called asked about the bathroom policy and the story that has been circulating in the news. The phone representative insisted that the story had been fabricated, and gave a spiel about their policies which do not allow discrimination against anyone of any belief or identity. However, when asked about the photo of the man in the women’s bathroom, the Planet Fitness representative admitted that they had a meeting about it as a team and that the ‘photo was fake.’

Planet Fitness is trying to cover up the story by claiming that the photo was not taken inside a Planet Fitness location. There is, however, a second photo of the same man in the women’s room in what appears to be the same Planet Fitness restroom. This story is still breaking, and we will see how Planet Fitness responds to this phone conversation seemingly exposing their attempts to lie. Unfortunately for them, their company will continue to lose support as they are perceived as even more corrupt by trying to lie about this situation rather than resolve the customer’s concerns and protect the safety of women and girls.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer for Turley Talks.

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