Pelosi STABS Kamala in the Back!

Vice President Kamala Harris talks with House speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., in the chamber of the House of Representatives before the State of the Union address by President Joe Biden to a joint session of Congress at the Capitol, Tuesday, March 1, 2022, in Washington. (Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP)

Nancy Pelosi just refused to commit to Kamala as Biden’s 2024 running mate! It appears to be a signal of what is happening inside the Democrat Party.

– Nancy Pelosi refused to directly answer whether Kamala Harris was Biden’s best choice for a running mate, deflecting with a rhetorical question.

– David Ignatius of the Washington Post has called on Biden to bow out of the 2024 race, reflecting concerns within the Democratic Party.

– The article suggests that the Biden family’s credibility is eroding, and Kamala Harris is facing growing opposition.

Nancy Pelosi refused to answer a question about whether Kamala was Biden’s best choice for a running mate twice. She asked an absurd rhetorical question: Why would she be vice president if she weren’t politically astute? Most people recognize the answer to this question already. Kamala was a diversity hire. That’s the danger of this woke nonsense. We saw it in the Soviet Union. Once ideological fidelity is prioritized over competence and astuteness, the entire system begins to corrode and unravel, just like her vice-presidency. Nancy also said, ‘Hey what do you expect, she’s the vice president and the vice presidents don’t do much!’

David Ignatius of the Washington Post has done the unthinkable. He has officially called on Biden to bow out of the 2024 race. Pelosi refused to endorse Kamala because the donor class and Deep State members of permanent Washington want ‘the whole ticket gone’ as Jesse Waters explains.

The knives are coming out for Kamala because her fellow Democrats see Biden imploding. If he does not have the donors and the Deep State behind him, he is destined to lose. Things are looking so bad for Biden that even CNN is pointing out the glaring evidence of how many people believe that Biden is guilty.

No one was going to buy the absurd notion that there is no evidence that Biden did anything wrong as many people claimed immediately following the impeachment inquiry. Matt Gaetz ripped this CNN anchor to shreds.

They are just looking absurd at this point trying to argue that Biden involving himself in Hunter’s illicit business dealings doesn’t mean that Biden involved himself in Hunter’s illicit business dealings. Matt Gaetz brilliantly called this out. This is why they are now admitting that no one is buying this sham refrain that Republicans have no evidence against Joe. It looks like the Biden crime family house of cards is imploding, and as we saw from both Pelosi and the Washington Post, it’s Kamala who already is being turned against.

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