Pelosi Caught LYING About January 6th!

Pelosi just got caught! The former U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven A. Sund testified before the House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight and dropped quite the bombshell there. He accused Pelosi of lying about the events of J6. Pelosi has been denying that she had any contact with Sund, the capital police chief, as part of her denial of any culpability for the events that transpired.

– President Trump accuses Nancy Pelosi of refusing his request for National Guard presence three days before the January 6th Capitol riot.

– Former Capitol Police Chief Sund suggested Pelosi and Democrats may have had intentional involvement in the events surrounding January 6th.

– We are seeing many calls for the subcommittee to subpoena Pelosi to testify under oath about her knowledge, conversations, and the denial of President Trump’s request for National Guard troops on January 6th.

President Trump recently blamed Pelosi for the riot, saying that he asked for the National Guard to be present three days in advance of January 6th, but Pelosi turned him down. She refused to call in the National Guard. And police chief Sund was on Tucker Carlson’s show a few months ago when he was still at Fox, and he had his suspicions about Pelosi then as well.

Here we have the Capitol Police Chief himself suggesting that the events surrounding J6 appear to have been intentional on the part of Pelosi and the Democrats. Fox News refused to air that clip. The Murdoch News Network refused to show the Capitol Police Chief himself claiming that there appeared to be some kind of cover-up with what happened on J6. The thought of our leaders possibly being involved in the events that led to J6 is horrible on its own. A major news media outlet intentionally covering up that information adds to the terrible situation.

Chief Sund has reportedly told the subcommittee that he can provide documentation to prove that he spoke to Pelosi. He’s got the phone records to prove that Pelosi lied about not speaking with him. If he produces the receipts, then this subcommittee has to subpoena Pelosi! They have to have her come in to testify under oath about what she knew, who she spoke to, why she claimed she never spoke to Chief Sund, and why President Trump’s request for National Guard troops was turned down. This is all about getting to the truth of what happened on the fateful day that changed the lives of dozens of patriots who are rotting in prison as we speak because of this, some of them for half of their adult lives. Let’s hope the GOP steps up to the plate here and brings in Pelosi to testify. The nation and the J6 political prisoners deserve no less.

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