Patriot-Led TEXIT Movement Gains Traction Among Texans and Blue State Leftugees!

Texas residents met in Waco earlier in November to discuss the progress of the Texit movement. The Texas Nationalist Movement has promoted the Texit cause and raised money to get the issue of Texit succession on the Texas ballot in the future.

What is Texit?

Texit is a movement that aims for Texas to secede from the United States. The Texit leaders explain that Texit is possible because the Texas Constitution defines the power of the government as given by the people. The issue of Texit needs to be on the ballots in Texas, and if it is on the ballots, a simple majority is required to take this issue forward.

The Texit website describes how the Texit process will work, “There is one fundamental and immutable truth about the Texit process. Where there is a legal path to Texit, it must be followed. There are no secret processes or hidden clauses in the old documents that can be used. There are no shortcuts. It boils down to what laws and processes are on the books right now and how they can be applied to resolving the issue of Texas independence. That means it absolutely, at a minimum, must culminate in a free and fair vote of the people of Texas―a referendum.”

The supporters of Texit have organized meetings and conferences to gather support and raise awareness for the cause. They are also raising funds to ensure that this issue will be on the ballot in the upcoming elections.

Perceptions of TEXIT 

If you do a simple search online about Texit, most search engines recommend articles about how only fringe extremists support the idea of Texit. Additionally, it is common to hear that the concept of Texit is impossible or illegal to actually happen in America. There is a tremendous amount of pessimism about the Texit movement, and Texit supporters admit that the US government will likely try to keep Texas in the Union if the vote passes for legislators to consider the Texit referendum. However, the Texit movement states that it seeks to go through this process legally and fairly, so the claims that this is an extremist group seeking to do harm is not based on the actual leaders of this group or their official statements about the Texit movement.

Texit leaders argued at TEXITCON that Texans should vote to secede for the interest of Texas and their families. They argued that many Texans brush off these matters and say that they just want to continue living as they are now. However, this strategy of continuing to exist is not ‘doing something,’ it is waiting to die. The Texit movement is seeking to combat pessimism and convince their countrymen that the Texit movement is possible and will lead to more prosperity than staying in the US.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer for Turley Talks.

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