Patrick Bet David Leaves Bill Maher SPEECHLESS!

Bill Maher did not even realize that Patrick Bet David set him up to openly admit that Gavin Newsom is a total failure.

– Bill Maher faced criticism for praising California Governor Gavin Newsom without providing substantial justification.

– Scholar Joel Kotkin has compared California’s wealth disparity to that of third-world nations like Guatemala and Honduras.

– California’s population decline has resulted in the loss of a congressional seat for the first time in its history.

Bill Maher can say some insightful things, but for a guy who tries to pass himself off as an intellectual, as a thinker, he has embarrassed himself. Patrick Bet David could have torn Bill Maher to shreds as Maher was asked point blank to justify his claim of why Newsom is so great.

Bill Maher gave some nervous laughter and he hid behind the veneer of a nervous joking. The brilliance of Patrick bet David is that he knows that Bill Maher couldn’t back up those claims. That is simply because California has degenerated since Newsom took over. California has the highest poverty rate in the entire nation. It has the widest income gap between middle-income and upper-middle-income brackets and the widest disparity between rich and poor in the country.

As scholar and California resident Joel Kotkin has noted, California’s wealth disparity is worse than Mexico’s. It is worse than a third-world nation. The wealth disparity in California is much more akin to Guatemala and Honduras than it is to Canada or Norway. 80% of California’s jobs are below the median wage. Half of these are paid less than $40,000 a year. It won’t surprise you that California has the highest unemployment in the entire nation, and it has the highest level of illiteracy!

With the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, California’s housing market is ready to go next. Many are pointing out that California will implode under the weight of its political incompetence long before it falls into the ocean. The number of companies that have fled the state like rats fleeing the ship is astronomical. Hewlett Packard, Tesla, Oracle, Pabst Brewing, Norton Lifelock, and many others are part of the mass exodus of residents fleeing California over the last decade.

According to the US Census, every year for the past 15 years, an average number of a hundred thousand Californians leave the state as opposed to those who move in. California for the first time has lost a House seat due to its rampant depopulation. This is the record of Newsom. Bill is aware enough to know that Patrick got him with these questions. The fact is, the simple act of asking a liberal like Maher to back up his claim about a failed governor was enough to expose just how much of a failure he, and liberalism, really are!

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