Our Government Is LYING About EVERYTHING!

Tucker Carlson dropped more truth bombs. For right or for wrong, Vladimir Putin has exposed for all the world to see that the liberal world order, managed and ruled by the Dolts in DC, has come to an end. A new civilizational world is rising and our government is doing everything it possibly can to desperately try to stop it. They are failing miserably!

– Tucker Carlson’s international tour highlights the falsehoods surrounding Russia’s economy post-invasion.

– Russia’s economic resilience stems from partnerships with non-sanctioning nations and alternative financial systems.

– Public skepticism grows over mainstream media’s portrayal of threats, particularly from Russia.

Friedrich Nietzche once quipped, “Everything the State says is a lie and everything it has it has stolen.” Perhaps that’s the very source for why our government today has become so obviously and brazenly corrupt. Tucker Carlson is currently on an international tour to expose just how corrupt our government has become, and how decrepit the liberal world order is that our government is so desperately trying to hold on to in its fledgling grip on power. We were told that Russia was collapsing and that Russian officials were admitting, according to the clowns at Yahoo News, that the ruble was imploding and that the sanctions were bringing Russia to its knees.

We have been told these lies starting in March of 2022. As it turns out, it was all a lie. The reality is, the Russian economy has only grown since the invasion, by nearly 4% per year. The ruble is at an all-time high. Just four months after the invasion, in June of 2022, the ruble stood as the strongest currency in the world. It hit a seven-year high that summer, and it continues to overperform ever since. Russia is economically booming! Despite being hit by an unprecedented blitzkrieg of Western sanctions that we were told would sink their economy, the Russian economy is thriving.

Immediately after the US and the EU sanctioned the central bank of the Russian Federation and weaponized the economic system of the liberal international order against Russia, they responded by requiring all nations sanctioning them to pay for Russian exports, particularly fuel and fertilizer, in Rubles. Those Russian exports only ended up going through the roof. This is largely because Russia turned to the East, particularly to non-sanctioning nations like China and India to sell their commodities. Demand for Russian oil and gas skyrocketed, which is not surprising given that India and China together comprise 40% of the world’s population.

The high prices of commodities further contributed to the strength of the ruble, all the while oil and gas trade hit an all-time high. Moreover, Russia weaned itself off from SWIFT, the worldwide financial transaction system that had been weaponized against Russia in a kind of international debanking move. Russia instead began using China’s alternative financial transaction platform called CIPS as a substitute. Likewise, when Visa and Mastercard sanctioned Russia, Russians turned to their credit card system, known as the Rusky Mir, used all over the Russian world, which suddenly surged in popularity especially as it was linked up to China’s Visa and Mastercard substitute which is Union Pay System, which is substantially bigger than Visa and Mastercard.

At the end of the day, as Tucker has been demonstrating these last several days on his international tour, Russia today is in many respects stronger, cleaner, and more economically prosperous and vibrant than our own country. But our government has been telling us the opposite. This is why so much of the rest of the world is moving closer and closer to Russia and farther away from us. The lunatics running our institutions are actively lying to us. ‘Breaking news’ the other day from a Republican was that the Russians are now threatening us from outer space.

The propaganda we see in our news is all so pathetically tedious and tiring at this point. It’s no wonder that no one votes for Republicans anymore. The good news is that fewer people give this nonsense the time of day. They are increasingly recognizing that the single biggest threat to us and our way of life comes not from a foreign country or outer space, but rather from inside DC. The enemy is from within. The people see it now. Our political establishment is in an absolute existential crisis. As it is, it’s not the ruble that’s imploding, it’s our corrupt and vile ruling class!

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