Oliver Stone STUNS Bill Maher on STOLEN 2020 Election!

Academy Award winning film director Oliver Stone shocked Bill Maher over the weekend, contending that the 2020 election could very well have been stolen, sending Maher into an ignorance-riddled tirade that only convinced Stone more that things were not as we were told!

– Bill Maher’s fixation on Trump’s doubts about election integrity is criticized for ignoring Democrats who challenged the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency.

– We saw this particularly in Hillary Clinton’s claims about Russian interference.

– Oliver Stone’s skepticism about the legitimacy of the 2020 election aligns with the views of millions of voters who remain unconvinced.

Oliver Stone took Maher by surprise. The obsession of Maher over Trump not conceding the election is rather odd given how he seems to give Hillary a pass when she still pushes the totally absurd notion that Vladimir Putin stole the 2016 election. She, to this day, maintains that Trump was an illegitimate president. So Maher disproportionately fixates on Trump’s doubts about election integrity while ignoring the throng of Democrats who have challenged elections over the years.

Maher mentioned Republicans in Georgia, without noting that they were mainly RINO Republicans, like Brad Raffensperger who had more affinity for CNN than he did for Trump. He did not also note that a federal judge has ruled that the electronic voting machines used by the State of Georgia have substantial flaws and must undergo judicial review. Raffensperger’s attempt at getting the case against election integrity tossed out got laughed out of court. That is what makes Maher’s selective retelling of what happened itself so laughable. The only people that were actually laughed out of court are the Republicans that Maher is defending!

When it comes to the 1960 and 2000 elections, we see fraud according to Bill Maher. George Bush’s brother, Jeb, who was governor of Florida, didn’t have anything to do with the courts. Even Al Gore, back in 2000 never admitted that Bush was ‘elected president.’ He congratulated Bush on ‘becoming president,’ which was a nod to the Supreme Court stepping in and stopping the counting in Florida. Maher has a selective vision when it comes to election fraud. Somehow, a candidate’s governor-brother taints an election more than unprecedented levels of ballot harvesting.

In July of 2022, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that hundreds of thousands of votes that were cast by drop boxes were constitutionally invalid and ‘polluted’ the 2020 election. Even the far-left site Slate.com recognized that the decision to nullify nearly 200,000 mail-in ballot votes in WI basically rendered the 2020 election ‘illegitimate.’ Unfortunately it was 2 years after the fact. But this notion that this was the most fair, pristine, and immaculate election in history has itself been laughed out of court, quite literally! Oliver Stone remained rightly unconvinced, along with tens of millions of voters to do this day!

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