Ohio Bans Mutilation of Kids, OVERTURNS RINO Governor’s Veto!

Ohio has officially banned ‘gender affirming care’ for kids in a Senate vote that was 22-9 in support of overriding the governor’s veto.

Chloe Cole, a detransitioned woman who started taking puberty blockers at 13 and a double mastectomy at 15 years old, has been involved in this decision. She spoke out many times advocating against the governor’s previous veto of the bill that banned transgender surgeries for children. Chloe observed that many of the democrats’ arguments for this bill did not address the many harms and risks of the drugs and surgeries they advocated for.

This ban also outlaws transgender-identifying males from competing in women’s sporting events in grade schools and college. The decision of the governor to veto this bill in the first place sparked outrage among conservatives who believe that DeWine betrayed his voting base. Most conservatives strongly oppose men participating in women’s sports, and this issue has gained a lot of vocal support from people concerned about the hard work of female athletes and the privacy that women should have in locker rooms.

Ohio is the 22nd state that bans transgender surgeries and medications from being administered to minors. Most sites that have reported on this issue claim that Ohio has banned ‘gender-affirming care’ for minors. It is essential to reject this fundamentally incorrect definition and explanation of what has happened. The concept of ‘gender-affirming care’ is one of the radical left’s attacks on the meaning of words. They are using words to convey a concept that these words do not mean. ‘Gender affirming care’ is the use of drugs or surgical procedures to try to make one less like their biological sex. This does not ‘affirm’ a patient’s gender, but rather ‘affirms’ the concept that they are the wrong gender and wish to use drugs and surgeries to, in their mind, ‘become’ the opposite sex.

These drugs and medications do not affirm the person’s gender but rather mutilate them using drugs like Lupron which is used to chemically castrate pedophiles. This drug has serious side effects and should not be given to children. Many of the other drugs and hormone therapies have serious side effects as well, so the twisted description of drugs that damage children and surgeries that mutilate their bodies as ‘gender-affirming’ is intentional and incorrect. These treatments cannot be considered gender-affirming or care since they are rejecting the gender of the children who undergo these procedures. The drugs and surgeries have serious side effects and consequences that are only now beginning to be documented by ‘detransitioners,’ so these degenerate procedures cannot be considered health care either.

These treatments are permanently harming anyone who undertakes them, and it is excellent that many in Ohio spoke out and stood up to the governor who vetoed the law that would ban transgender procedures on minors. This movement is increasing in support among conservatives as many women in sports and detransitioners are speaking out against these issues publicly. Ohio has set the example for other states to stop at nothing to protect families and children from harmful irreversible medications or procedures and to protect women’s spaces from men who seek to invade them.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer for Turley Talks.

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