NO Students Perform At Standard for Math and Reading at DOZENS of Illinois Schools!

Shocking new reports reveal that dozens of schools in Illinois have zero students that perform at the appropriate levels in reading and mathematics.

According to the most recent reporting from 2023, 65% of Illinois public school students cannot read at grade level. Reports have shown that most students are not ready to progress to the next grade because they are unable to perform at the appropriate level in math and reading. It is unprecedented for no students at an entire school to be at the appropriate level of education.

Students in Illinois are graduating at record high rates despite students’ lack of adequate understanding of course content. The dip in students who are at the appropriate level is far below where it was before Covid, and charts show that Black and Hispanic students are experiencing this decline at much higher rates than Asian and White students. There has been a massive increase in DEI in the state of Illinois within the past several years. The school boards and associations have made DEI one of their primary missions within schools. Illinois also makes gender confusion a top priority within their schools, with many ‘resources’ provided for teachers to include LGBT stuff in their classes. The schools also ‘affirms’ transgender students by allowing them to identify however they want and forcing classmates and teachers to go along with the charade.

California is also seeing terrible scores among its schools. 53.3% of students perform under the standard in English, and 65.4% of students perform below their level in Math. National averages show that about half of all public school students are behind grade level in at least one subject. This is a nationwide problem, but the national report card shows that many of the best performing states are red states, and many of the states with the worst student performance scores are blue states.

The good news is that not all types of education see these devastating scores. We see a clear difference in performance of students educated via homeschool and private school. Private school students had a 96.4% graduation rate, while public schools had a 86% graduation rate. 64.5% of private school students went to college immediately following graduation, whereas only 44% of public school students did so. Students enrolled in private schools scored significantly higher in all classes compared to students in public school. The cost of private schools can be high, but homeschooled students perform exceptionally well too. The cost to homeschool is significantly lower than private school, but both options provide unique benefits to families who want to avoid public schools.

Today it is clear that public schools should be avoided by any family that wants their children to flourish. Public schools teach propaganda and critical theory while also allowing gender confusion in classrooms. They often force teachers and students to accept leftist gender ideas and even teach about sex in classrooms in highly inappropriate ways, with planned parenthood content featured in classrooms. Not only are students indoctrinated with leftist propaganda and sinfulness in public schools, but students in government run schools are doing worse than ever academically. Private school and homeschooling provide education that avoids the corrupting influence of public schools and also provides students with an education far superior to public schools.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer for Turley Talks.

Copyright, 2024.

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