Nikki Haley Is Plummeting!

Nikki Haley is crashing and burning before our eyes. This is no surprise. Those of us who know her and her positions know that she is Hillary 2.0. Just like Hillary, she is destined for the ash heap of history!

– Videos surfacing of Nikki Haley are causing her political standing to decline, with critics likening her to Hillary Clinton.

– Nikki Haley’s proposal to verify social media users’ identities and end internet anonymity is criticized by Elon Musk and independent content creators, calling it a threat to internet freedom.

– Unless Republicans adapt to the new coalition of Trump voters, emphasizing working-class concerns over traditional Republican messaging, they will continue to face challenges in elections.

Nikki Haley’s political career is imploding right before our eyes as more videos surface showing her to be nothing more than Hillary Clinton 2.0.

According to Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy attacked her because she was a woman. Nikki Haley and Hillary Clinton account for their losses in the same way. They both have a penchant for cracking down on social media freedoms:

According to Nikki Haley, Hilary 2.0, every person on social media needs to be verified. They would be required to use their real name. Fox News went right along with it, nodding their heads in agreement. Her ridiculous proposal to end internet freedom as we know it was swiftly condemned by Elon Musk, the proud owner of X, formerly known as Twitter, he dismissed Haley’s preposterous proposal saying, ‘She can stop pretending to run for president now!’

More independent content creators are calling out this charade. This ridiculous Kabuki Theater of a candidacy is being imposed on us by Rupert Murdoch and the lame RINOs that dominate Fox News and the legacy media as a whole. They are doing everything they can to make us believe that Nikki Haley, Hillary 2.0, is a viable Republican contender. Fox News is trying to make Dick Cheney in three-inch heels look like a plausible presidential candidate. It is flatly comical.

If she somehow pulls off something miraculous and ends up the primary challenger to Trump, she is going to lose every single primary state by a worse margin than Liz Cheney lost in Wyoming. She is going to get trounced, especially with videos like the ones we just saw going viral on social media.

The question is: why is the Republican establishment doing this? Why are we seeing such obvious and fraudulent Kabuki Theater playing out in front of us instead of all of these single-digit midgets giving up their candidacies and rallying around Trump? Newsweek published a very good piece diagnosing the Republican Party’s major problem that they are facing: Nikki Haley exemplifies the Republicans’ political schizophrenia!

“Republicans have been failing to convert Trump voters into regular GOP voters because the GOP fundamentally doesn’t understand the nature of the Trump voter. Many of them are not traditional Republicans. Some of them are not Republicans at all. As many as 15% of supporters of Trump in 2016 also voted for former President Obama four years prior. In 2020, Trump won an even larger share of traditional Democratic voters. This group is largely comprised of minorities and the white working class. Many of them still harbor the same distrust of the Republican Party as an institution that they’ve always had. Philosophically, they are more John F. Kennedy than William F. Buckley: They view Trump’s brand as separate from the Republican brand. They do not respond to traditional Republican messaging on issues or candidates. The GOP does not know how to properly communicate with these voters, so these voters are not motivated by the party’s arguments.”

This, in a nutshell, is Nikki Haley. She is making arguments that resonate with the Republican donor class, with Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox News, but not with the Trump voter. The Trump voter finds Nikki Haley odious, the more they learn about her. This article points out that until Republicans learn that they are speaking to a new coalition made up of a working-class, nationalist populist constituency, they are going to continue to lose. The George W. Bush neocon coalition is dead.

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