Nikki Haley HUMILIATED in Nevada Loss!

Just when we thought Nikki Haley couldn’t fall any lower and that she had hit rock bottom, Nevada voters sent Haley an unmistakable message: ‘We would take nobody before we take you!’

– Nikki Haley suffered a humiliating defeat in the Nevada GOP primary, losing to “None of These Candidates” by an overwhelming margin.

– President Trump mocked Haley’s loss on Truth Social, highlighting her significant defeat.

– Republican voters are rejecting Haley’s anti-Trump stance, with her approval plummeting even in her home state of South Carolina.

We are seeing perhaps the most humiliating political defeat in recent memory. Nevada held its GOP primary yesterday, which was purely symbolic, the real contest will be on Thursday when they will hold their caucus where Trump is expected to easily win every single one of Nevada’s delegates. Haley, to get a symbolic win, put her name as the only real name on the primary ballot yesterday and she lost. She was the only candidate on the ballot and she still lost to the category ‘none of these candidates!’ 

‘None of these candidates’ got twice the vote that Haley got. Trump was not on the primary ballot. Nevada voters voted 2 to 1 for nobody over Haley. Trump took to Truth Social and wrote: ‘A bad night for Nikki Haley. Losing by almost 30 points in Nevada to “None of These Candidates.” Watch, she’ll soon claim Victory!’

Fox News, which has been shamelessly shilling for the warmonger Haley, had to choke on this humiliating defeat. Here is a Fox panel admitting that this is now, despite Fox News’ efforts to the contrary, fully Trump’s party:

There is no way of spinning this humiliation. This was the conclusion of Politico. Not only has Nikki Haley now suffered her third double-digit loss in a row, but this latest loss was to ‘no one’ by an astronomical 30 points. Townhall is saying it bluntly as of this morning. It is time for Haley’s team to stage an intervention. They have to somehow lock her in a room, presumably a padded room, and convince her that her narcissistic delusions of grandeur are over.

Laura Loomer is reporting on an LA fundraiser that Nikki has planned, which purportedly features several democrat megadonors! Haley has decided to turn Trump Derangement Syndrome into a business model! If this is the case, then she is not delusional, but rather is rotten to the core and is a corrupt grifter who found a cash cow among Democrats who are more than willing to pay her millions just so she can publicly trash Trump.

She is fully complying with those wishes. In the end, it looks like Nikki Haley is humiliating herself here for one reason: money! She is making a killing, raking in millions from Democrat donors simply to trash Trump. There is no other reason why she is doing this. The good news is that Republican voters are overwhelmingly telling her where she can stick her efforts at disparaging Trump and the MAGA movement. Given that she is down over 30 points in her state of South Carolina, maybe her voters will eventually be the ones to finally end this pathetic and cringeworthy charade!

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