NEW YORK May Turn RED!?!

Who would ever have thought that a Trump rally would break out in downtown New York? This is exactly what happened Thursday morning.

– Trump’s support in New York City is growing, with union workers showing overwhelming support in recent rallies.

– Union members are strongly backing Trump, contributing to the momentum seen in New York City.

– Trump’s strategy involves minimizing urban Democratic votes while maximizing rural support, potentially making New York competitive in 2024.

The enthusiasm for Trump in New York City is so off the charts that now there is word that he may be poised to flip New York red. He thinks he can do it, and he’s not alone!

The scenes coming out of New York City were politically stunning. One of the bluest regions in the entire nation became the site of an ad hoc Trump rally with union workers congregating en masse to show their overwhelming support for the President. New York union leader Bobby Bartels explains what he had to say after having a personal meeting with Trump in New York City.

He is one of the major cogs in the Democrat machine and he just came out and publicly said “We may be Democrats but we’re voting Trump!” The Democrats have no one else to blame but themselves, since they’re siding with and advocating for everyone and anyone but their blue-collar constituents. They all know that Trump’s got their backs. It’s not just the union leaders who are backing Trump. His strongest support is coming from union members:

This is the second time in two weeks that we’ve seen a de facto Trump rally spontaneously arise in New York City. Trump was in Harlem last week to visit a bodega where a 61-year-old store clerk defended himself against being attacked by a violent patron and ended up killing him. To the outrage of virtually everyone, this very same Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg, who is trying to put Trump in jail, brought charges against the store clerk, even though he was trying to defend himself.

The Democrats have been busy over the last four years alienating all of their traditional voters in the name of embracing this bizarre anarcho-tyranny. Trump visited that bodega to flip the script on this corrupt Manhattan DA and show everyone what he’s about. The crowd began chanting ‘Four more years! Four more years!’

All of this raises the obvious question: can Trump win New York, one of the most reliable blue states in the nation? The state is so reliably blue, that it’s understandable why such an assertion would be dismissed out of hand. But if we track what’s been happening recently in this otherwise solid blue state, it’s not so reliable anymore. A number of pundits have been recognizing that New York is going through a political realignment.

We have seen it in two election cycles in a row. While the results from the off-year election were generally rather disappointing for Republicans, that wasn’t the case in New York. CBS reported that the GOP had what was in many respects red wave wash over the Empire State. There were a number of GOP flips that left the Democrats absolutely shell-shocked. The Republicans officially took over Long Island. They won the coveted Suffolk County executive race in a landslide.

The GOP, as a result, now occupies all the countywide seats in Nassau and Suffolk counties. What happened in New York in November’s off-year election was actually a repeat of what happened in the 2022 midterms. The GOP swept the Long Island elections, flipping their two blue seats red. Lee Zeldin, as the Republican gubernatorial candidate, did better than any Republican gubernatorial candidate in decades, since George Pataki, who ended up becoming a presidential contender.

Zeldin came within just a few points of defeating Hochul. The election map shows a lot of red. Of the 62 counties in New York, only about 8 vote Democrat. This is the main reason so many countries want to secede from these collapsing, dilapidated cities that have high population density and end up disproportionately affecting their politics. Rural populations simply don’t want to live under those political conditions anymore.

We are seeing movements in Oregon, Illinois, California, and Western Maryland by people who want to secede from these metro-centers that make up just one or two counties in their state, but who have disproportionate control over their statewide politics. If Trump cuts enough into Biden’s margins in New York City, he may have a real shot given how he has most of the state.

The political sweet spot for Trump is his ability to minimize the Democrat urban vote by siphoning more union and non-white votes than ever away from Biden’s margins while maximizing the rural vote, which normally doesn’t show up to the polls in huge numbers except when Trump is on the ballot. This was the hard lesson of the 2022 midterms. Rural voters are low-propensity voters except when Trump is on the ballot. The political sweet spot for Trump, and what he appears to be doing, is maximizing the rural vote for himself while minimizing the urban vote for Biden. If he does that, and this momentum continues, New York is in play for 2024!

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