New Research Verifies Trump’s Dominant Position to WIN!

After four indictments, two impeachments, and a 24/7 propaganda campaign by the legacy media, Trump today is in a better position to win 2024 than he ever was in 2016 or 2020! Even CNN is admitting this!

– Donald Trump is experiencing a surge in popularity across various voter groups, especially among those who traditionally supported Democrats.

– The Democratic Party is increasingly seen as the party of the establishment, special interests, and bureaucrats, leading to a growing alienation from public institutions.

– The current political landscape suggests that Trump’s appeal is on the rise, and the establishment may face consequences as public trust in institutions declines.

Trump is polling better than ever. He is surging in popularity with every category of voter in a way he never has before. The fundamental reason why Trump is doing so well in the polls is that Trump is stronger with voter groups that overwhelmingly went with Biden in 2020 and even Hillary in 2016. Trump is vastly overperforming among voter groups that Republicans consistently underperform with. Rich Baris of the People’s Pundit noticed this in his polling months ago.

Trump won 12% of the black vote in 2020, a historic high for the Republican candidate. According to Rich, Trump is now polling at an astonishing 19% among blacks. Upwards of 40% of those voters would write his name in on the ballot if he’s not the nominee. That is an unprecedented level of voter enthusiasm. The latest poll from Fox shows Trump polling at 20% among Blacks, with Biden collapsing 30 points, from 91 percent support in 2020 to just 61% today among the Democrats’ most loyal voting constituency.

Democrat pundits that comprise the legacy media are openly sounding the alarm on this. The New York Times just published a panicked piece. Their analysis has concluded that Biden’s polling numbers among black and Hispanic Democrats are the worst since the Walter Mondale presidential debacle in 1984. This is the trend that we have been following for months. The non-white working class are defecting away from Biden in record numbers and they are all going to Trump.

Trump has effectively severed what was once a 70-point lead among this constituency for Barack Obama to now just a 10-point lead for Biden who simply cannot win with margins that low among constituents that are necessary for Democrat election victories. The Democratic Party is increasingly being seen by more voters as the party of the establishment. It is the party of special interests, donors, billionaires, and bureaucrats who collectively rule for their benefit at the expense of the benefit of the people.

There has never been a time when so many felt alienated from their public institutions. A recent Gallup survey found that trust in our nation’s fundamental institutions like the federal government, our legacy news media, law enforcement, and elections is at an all-time low and is one of the lowest for any nation in the world. The Democrats are increasingly being seen as the party of the establishment!

Trump, more than anyone else, has exposed the Democrats for what they truly are! In 2016, Trump redefined American politics away from a Republican vs. Democrat divide. He transformed the Republican vs. Democrat divide into a people vs. the political class divide. Trump effectively transformed American politics into a formal animosity between the people and the establishment. More voters are aligning themselves with that political paradigm shift. Trump cast himself as the champion of the people against the corrupt political class. Every time he gets impeached when in office or indicted when out of office, he looks to be the target of the permanent political class’s diabolical corruption.

Every time the establishment looks like they’re trying to take Trump out, they only confirm both the Trumpian realignment of politics around the people vs. the corrupt political class and Trump’s unparalleled position as the champion of the people. Trump is not alone. We have seen this scenario play out in many other countries. Bibi Netanyahu in Israel, Lula in Brazil, Khan in Pakistan, and Nelson Mandela in South Africa are all politicians who effectively cast themselves as the champion of the people vs. a corrupt political class. These leaders tend to grow in popularity the more they’re publicly persecuted!

The very pattern that we are seeing right before our very eyes is predictable. When this colossal web of corporate and political corruption finally comes tumbling down, woke leftists at CNN and MSNBC will only have themselves to blame.

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