New Polls Out Following Trump Guilty VERDICT!

The first polls are out following Trump’s conviction! We are seeing a large amount of the population believing that the decision is a sham, and we are seeing support for Trump increasing!

– A Reuters survey found that 48% of respondents believe the verdict against Trump was a political hit job, while only 44% think it was legitimate.

– A plurality of voters are skeptical of the verdict, a number expected to rise with increased ad campaigns from Trump’s team.

– The backlash against the verdict is uniting the right while splitting the left on progressive issues.

A Reuters’s survey found that 48% of those polled believed the verdict was a political hit job. Only 44% claimed that it was legit. So we are seeing immediately a plurality of voters who are not being fooled by this in the least. That number is only going to continue to go up the more Trump starts spending on ads detailing just how many pundits and commentators on all of the major networks and cable news outlets recognized what a sham this entire court case was. They’ve already put together an amazing ad:

Ads like that will only continue to draw more people over to his side. Many people are seeing this vindictive verdict as nothing more than banana republic politics of the worst and most heinous kind. At the same time all of this is happening there are now numerous reports out that the Biden administration has given up on winning Georgia. They are not spending any money there anymore, so they have likely conceded Georgia to Trump. We are seeing this similarly in North Carolina. We are not going to see a lot of money spent either in Georgia or North Carolina from Biden at this point.

The Biden campaign is reportedly sinking their money now almost entirely in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arizona where he is losing. In Arizona and Michigan there seems to be a very real backlash dynamic at play here.

Newt Gingrich was close to the mark on identifying this dynamic. He argued that while the verdict certainly is feeding the left and their impulse to take Trump down, it is inadvertently uniting the right. It’s feeding the left temporarily, but uniting the right permanently. While this verdict gave the left what it wanted, it’s backfiring because it’s uniting the right like never before.

Center-right moderates like Megyn Kelly, John Yu of Berkeley University, and Jim Gerharty of National Review are now expressing disdain and arguing that we have to have retribution. The Republicans now have no choice but to go after Democrats with the same ruthless lawfare the Democrats have unleashed on Trump. The verdict united the right and we are also seeing a number of center leftists, like RFK Jr and Sean Macguire steadfastly opposing this verdict.

Sean Macguire donated $300,000 to Trump’s campaign minutes after the verdict was announced. This verdict is uniting the right while splitting the left, which we see happening on issues of progressivism and wokeness. This verdict ultimately created significant backlash. In the end it’s just another example of extreme leftism, and most people find it absurdly insufferable. If these dynamics continue, we may look back on Thursday, May 30th as the day President Trump’s second term officially began!

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