New Polling Shows Trump’s Increasing Lead over Biden!!!

The Democrats are freaking out that Trump is stealing their core constituency! Trump is single-handedly shattering the Democrat coalition and reconfiguring the Republicans into a thoroughly nationalist, populist, and traditionalist party! As a result, Trump just got the Best News Yet of the election. We are going to see why The New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC, and CNN are collectively sounding the alarm that their worst nightmare is about to come true: Trump is going to pull this off, and there appears little that they can do about it!

– President Trump is leading the pack of GOP contenders by 47 points in the latest Emerson poll.

– Trump’s support has increased significantly compared to October 2020.

– Trump is seeing unprecedented levels of support among Black (20%) and Latino (42%) voters, according to recent polls.

The legacy media continues to panic. They are seeing Trump rise and Biden fall and nothing that they do is changing that calculus. President Trump is crushing it. The latest Emerson poll is giving Trump his largest lead yet over his GOP rivals. Trump now leads the pack by an astonishing 47 points. He towers over Ron DeSantis 59 to 12! Trump’s lead is more than all the support of all the other candidates combined.

Even The Hill recognizes this. They published an article titled, ‘Trump skips past the primaries to the general.’ The Hill recognizes what even Fox News refuses to recognize: this primary is over. Trump has won the nomination. He is not the presumed nominee, he is the nominee. The voting is just a formality at this point. There was a glimmer of hope in the DeSantis campaign that they got Trump on the abortion issue when he appeared to get weak-kneed and promised to compromise with the Democrats on abortion. So DeSantis attacked Trump over abortion, saying, ‘He’s compromising.’

When the polls came out in Iowa, one of the most pro-life voting constituencies in the nation, Trump’s support did not falter. He gained a point and DeSantis fell by three. In New Hampshire, which of course is more pro-choice, DeSantis collapsed. His abortion push radically hurt him in the Granite State. He has now dropped to 5th in New Hampshire! The reason for this is that DeSantis cannot pin the president most responsible for overturning Roe v Wade as compromised on abortion.

The latest poll from CBS/YouGov shows that Trump is now winning the popular vote, 50 to 49. Trump is leading Biden among Independents 57 to 42. The latest Harvard/Harris poll shows Trump up by four. This is the third Harvard/Harris poll in a row that shows Trump with a popular vote lead. The latest Fox News poll has Trump up by 2, and they notoriously lean to the left. The signal poll has Trump up by 2. The latest Clarity Omnibus poll, which is a Democrat poll, has Trump up by one, 45 to 44.

When you compare all these polls with where Biden and Trump stood in October 2020, they’ve all swung by double-digits in Trump’s direction! According to the polls, if the election were held today it would be an electoral landslide. Trump would beat Biden with upwards of 312 electoral votes.

President Trump has recently announced that he will once again skip the upcoming waste-of-time GOP debates and this time he will counter those debates by appearing at a rally for the striking autoworkers in Michigan. The United Auto Workers are currently striking against the big three automakers — General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler-parent Stellantis. It is the first time they’ve staged a full-blown strike on all three at the same time. They are threatening to strike more plants if their demands are not met. They are striking, at least in part, in large concern over the impact green and electric vehicle initiatives are having on the US manufacturing industry, given that so much of the green tech is manufactured in China.

Trump is seizing on this issue. He has already issued his unwavering support for the striking autoworkers, and they are reciprocating their support for him. Even CNN is admitting that Trump is shattering the Democrat coalition of union workers.

In 2016, Trump officially transformed the Republican base into a thoroughly blue-collar working-class base. White working-class voters, manufacturing workers, and factory workers who historically voted exclusively Democrat suddenly defected in droves to vote for Trump in both 2016 and 2020. To the horror of Democrats, the non-white working class is increasingly defecting to Trump. Obama won non-white working-class voters by a whopping 67-point margin in 2012. In 2020, Biden beat Trump by an overwhelming 48-point margin among non-white working-class voters. According to the latest NYT/Sienna poll, Biden’s lead over Trump with this once-solidly Democratic constituency is just 16 points.

The Democrat margin for non-white working-class voters has plummeted from 70% to just 16% in 10 years. They are all going to Trump! The radical leftists disguised as journalists at the Washington Post just came out and admitted that Trump is seeing levels of minority support no Republican has reached in half a century. They found that across five high-quality polls in the past month, Trump is averaging an astonishing 20% support among Black voters and an unprecedented 42% support among Latino voters.

The New York Times just published a panicked piece. Their analysis concluded that Biden’s polling numbers among black and Hispanic Democrats are the worst since the Walter Mondale presidential debacle in 1984. Democrat analysts haven’t seen this low of support for a Democrat presidential candidate among blacks and Latinos since Mondale. This is why the ultra-leftists over at MSNBC are having live on-air meltdowns. The working class, once the foundation of the Democrat coalition, has shattered that coalition and has aligned fully with Trump. This upcoming rally with the United Auto Workers is only going to solidify that political realignment.

Biden is also seeing increasingly energized third-party challenges on the left. Cornel West is a far-left populist whose third-party campaign is gaining a lot of traction. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is suggesting that he is considering running as a third-party or independent candidate if he fails to secure the Democratic nomination. Joe Manchin just headlined a third-party gathering known as No Labels in New Hampshire, fueling speculation that he may challenge President Joe Biden as a third-party presidential candidate in the 2024 election.

All of this is to say that Trump continues to get amazing news. As always, this is no time to get complacent. The Democrats, their RINO allies, and the legacy media are going to do everything in their power to prevent Trump from reascending to the presidency. We know nothing is past them, and so that means that we all have to galvanize and rise like never before. From ballot harvesting to get-out-the-vote campaigns in key swing states to Steve Bannon’s precinct strategy, we all have to do everything we possibly can to make sure that 2024 is the largest patriot turnout the world has ever seen. If we do that, the world will never be the same!

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