Today, liberals across the nation are terrified by a rising Christian nationalism surging across the country! We’re going to take a look at a study that has the woke left petrified, and we’re going to see precisely why: they ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

-Christian Nationalism is RISING FAST!

-Liberals aren’t having even half the amount of children as conservative Christians!

-Could a more Christian government and system be in our future?

A new study was just released showing that Christian nationalism is indeed rising in popularity among the American electorate! A report from the Public Religion Research Institute detailed the responses of over 5 thousand respondents representing all 50 states, and who were asked if they either agreed or strongly agreed with these statements: One, The U.S. government should declare America a Christian nation. Two, U.S. laws should be based on Christian values. Three, if the U.S. moves away from our Christian foundations, we will not have a country anymore. Four, being Christian is an important part of being truly American. And five, God has called Christians to exercise dominion over all areas of American society. The results, for liberals, are terrifying! According to the study, 30 percent of the American public either agrees or strongly agrees with every single one of those statements! 30 percent! 64% of white evangelical Protestantsidentify as either adherents or sympathizers of Christian nationalism. 38% of Black Protestants, 43% of Hispanic Protestants and 52% of other nonwhite Protestants say they sympathize or adhere to Christian nationalism. Now, these numbers are astonishing, especially given the tortured attempts by the legacy media to convince us that our nation is getting less and less religious!

It’s very interesting, because you’ll notice, at the same time the legacy media is trying to pass our country off as an increasingly secular nation, they’re more and more freaked out over the rise of Christian nationalism! You really saw it come to the fore with the overturning of Roe v Wade, when the Supreme Court became public enemy number one for many on the left, who were accusing and continue to accuse the Court of wanting to impose nothing less than what they’re calling theocratic rule over the nation! Part of this hysteria of course is an attempt to galvanize a liberal left revoltagainst these supposedly theocratic forces, and there’ve been no shortage of proposals for how to defeat the rise of the Christian right in the process! Unfortunately for leftwing liberals, all of this cope-ium is just that; all of these efforts at galvanizing and fighting back are ultimately futile. Liberals in many ways are guaranteeing that Christian nationalism is the wave of the future; this 30 percent is just the beginning, and liberals have only themselves to blame! And that’s because liberalism isn’t simply losing; liberalism is dying! LITERALLY; it’s dying and it’s dying EVERYWHERE! We in fact have the studies to prove and they’re going to absolutely blow your mind!

A number of studies have examined the significant fertility differences between atheists and the religious and between liberals and conservatives. In all kinds of demographic studies, all over the world, but particularly in North America and Europe, there was a clear and direct relationship between how right wing you were, and how many children you had. For example, in 2010, the average number of children born to leftist liberals in the US was about 1.8, however, the average number of children born to what demographers term the far right, was three! Again, this is a pattern that holds throughout the West in both the US and Europe. On average, conservatives have a fertility advantage over by liberal by 40 percent, but it’s even more dramatic when you compare conservative religionists with atheists or agnostics; for every one child born to the irreligious, two are born to the religious! Another factor in all of this is that the children born to conservative Christian families are increasingly likely to retain that religious conservatism into adulthood!University of London demographer Eric Kaufmann has documented how the retention rate among the Amish has actually been increasing in the last decade or so, upwards of 85 percent of Amish youth retain their faith into adulthood!

Kaufmann notes that similar retention rates are seen among conservative evangelicals, at around 70 percent! And one of the reasons for that, as documented by Edward Dutton’s research, is that religion and political persuasions are highly heritable, meaning they are largely inherited by genetics! Jordan Peterson has talked about this, there’s a wide body of literature that has shown that both religious sentiments and political leanings tend to come from our temperaments, and our temperaments are largely inherited, they’re largely genetic! So what this means is that as liberals demographically decline, conservative Christians and conservative religionists in general will start constituting a greater percentage of the overall population; and that appears to be what this study on Christian nationalism is finding out! I mean, it’s already happening inside the church, conservative evangelicals have grown from about 20 percent of protestant churches in the 1950s to today about 60 percent! Liberals in the church are basically going extinct; remember, liberal mainline churches used to be the dominant churches; now they’re turning quite literally into museums! And what these demographic studies are pointing to is that THAT demise is the future of liberals across the board!

In just another decade or so, demographers are predicting that the United States is going to be a very different place, where there will be approximately four far-right white females for every one far-left white female. In other words, there’s little to nothing that liberals can do to stop the rise of Christian nationalism! And again, they only have themselves to blame! If you don’t replace yourself, don’t expect your vision of politics to continue! So this study on the rise of Christian nationalism across the country isn’t so much a warning or a call to action for liberals; it’s in many ways a prophecy, one forecasting their own inevitable demise!