New Mexico Bans ALL GUNS!

We are seeing attempts to defend the abolition of the Second Amendment in the state of New Mexico. These efforts are not going to work. The only people in New Mexico that will be adversely affected by the abolition of the Second Amendment are the very law-abiding citizens the Second Amendment is there to protect.

– New Mexico’s Governor temporarily banned concealed carry permits and effectively the right to bear arms in the state for 30 days due to a state of emergency declaration.

– Democrats are facing political ramifications as even left-leaning individuals like Congressman Ted Lieu and anti-gun activist David Hogg express concerns about the constitutional violation.

– Grisham’s actions will have significant political consequences, potentially benefiting Trump in 2024.

The people who tell us that Donald Trump led an insurrection against the United States Constitution are the first ones to openly and deliberately deny us our constitutional rights. The hyper-liberal governor of New Mexico, Michelle Grisham, just banned the right to bear arms in her state. New Mexico concealed carry permits are no longer valid for the next 30 days because of the state of emergency she just declared. Just like with COVID-19, Democrats use health and safety as a cover to cancel out your constitutional rights.

This is not going to stand. No one thinks this ban is going to pass judicial scrutiny. Already the governor is being taken to court. Gun Owners of America and the National Association of Gun Rights are suing her. There is no way this ban is going to withstand judicial scrutiny. There are calls for impeaching this governor over her obvious disavowal of the constitution to which she swore allegiance. New Mexico state representative John Blok is openly calling for her impeachment. Even Elon Musk is calling for her immediate impeachment. Ari David responded to Musk, saying, ‘I think what she did is technically “sedition” and she should be arrested, denied bail, and sentenced to 22 years in federal prison according to current standards of justice.’

CatTurd said it best: ‘Trump Just WON New Mexico!’ The political ramifications of this ban are starting to dawn on Democrats. Even otherwise reliable leftwing loons are pushing back against it. The ultra-leftist congressman from California, Ted Lieu tweeted: ‘I support gun safety laws. However, this order from the Governor of New Mexico violates the U.S. Constitution. No state in the union can suspend the federal Constitution. There is no such thing as a state public health emergency exception to the U.S. Constitution.’

Even David Hogg, the rabidly anti-gun leftwing activist is pushing back against this. He tweeted: ‘I support gun safety but there is no such thing as a state public health emergency exception to the U.S. Constitution.’ Robby Starbuck couldn’t help but comment on the tweet: ‘Are you okay? Have you hit your head? I can’t believe you just said something sane.’ This ban is potentially so politically detrimental that Democrats are starting to freak out over it.

DC Draino reminded all of us of what happened the last time a Democratic governor defiled the constitution like this: ‘Hey New Mexico! When Virginia Governor Ralph “Post-Birth Abortion” Blackface infringed on the 2A in 2020, over 18,000 Patriots showed up in Richmond to protest his tyranny. Republicans won every statewide office in the next election. It’s time to peacefully organize.’ Then Governor Ralph Northam and the Democrat legislature implemented one of the most draconian anti-second amendment policies in the nation in Virginia. In response, gun owners throughout the state mobilized with extraordinary swiftness such that the local governments of 86 of Virginia’s 95 counties, as well as 15 towns and cities, immediately passed 2nd amendment sanctuary laws putting all the leftwing radicals on notice that their anti-2nd amendment plans will indeed be resisted and thwarted, which we are already seeing in New Mexico.

Gun owners, many visibly armed, rallied in Old Town Albuquerque over the weekend in defiance of the governor’s unconstitutional executive order, and police there didn’t enforce it even though people were openly carrying. Moreover, we are seeing the Albuquerque DA’s office saying openly they’re not going to enforce the Governor’s executive order. New Mexico sheriffs are also saying they’re not going to enforce it. We are already seeing the blowback within New Mexico, but in Virginia, that blowback at the county level was just a precursor to the massive blowout election that followed when the Republican Glenn Youngkin soundly defeated the pathetic Democrat Terry McAuliffe for the governor’s mansion.

The Republicans not only won all three statewide offices. but they took back control of the state House. This is why Democrats are starting to freak out so much over this idiot New Mexico governor. The Second Amendment is always a losing issue for Democrats, even in the bluest states. Second Amendment rights are paramount. We saw it most recently in Illinois when their ultra-leftist governor signed sweeping legislation that officially banned ‘assault weapons,’ which are semi-automatic rifles and pistols. There is no such thing as an actual assault rifle, the name was made up in the 1980s by a lunatic anti-gun activist to try to turn public opinion away from guns as a whole.

They passed this ban, but law enforcement throughout the state rose and declared their unequivocal refusal to enforce the new law. Sheriffs in over 90 of Illinois’ counties have publicly stated that they will not enforce this new draconian law on their residents. This means that 90% of Illinois’ counties are refusing to enforce this blatantly anti-second amendment law. This ultra-leftist governor may have done to New Mexico what Ralph Northam did for Virginia. It may be, in the end, that this governor just gave her state to Trump in 2024!

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