New Footage EXPOSES BlackRock Corruption and Wokeness!!

BlackRock, led by the woke CEO Larry Fink, is the biggest hedge fund in the world with assets of over $10 trillion. Now BlackRock is leading a movement that will send shivers down your spine. We are going to find out precisely why it’s not going to work and why their sinister plans are all doomed to fail!

– A new video has revealed that BlackRock employees are bragging about how they can buy off politicians and sometimes do this by giving politicians insider trading information before it is publicly available!

– BlackRock is using its massive financial and political influence to pressure companies into complying with woke ESG standards.

– As consumers rebel against woke corporations and these companies continue to lose billions of dollars, BlackRock’s plans to control consumers seem to be failing!

The James O’Keefe bombshell hidden video exposes the inner workings of Blackrock:

The revelations from the hidden camera were stunning. Among the more astonishing revelations, according to these employees, you can basically buy a politician for as little as $10,000. They’ll do whatever you want if you write them a check apparently. Moreover, the tens of billions of dollars being funneled into Ukraine are, in his words, ‘good for business.’ How could it not be, with accounting errors magically coming up with $6 billion more to share?

This guy also revealed that one of the primary ways they buy off politicians is through insider trading information. This was particularly revealing! There’s a little-known trading secret among the experts that you always track what corporate CEOs are doing with their company’s stock. If they’re buying up a bunch of their own company’s stock, that must mean that they just had a board meeting that produced numbers for an amazing sales quarter, so their stock is going to surge as soon as they report those numbers. The CEOs are all positioning themselves to profit from that surge.

But of course, it works the other way. If we see these CEOs dumping their company’s stock, then we can know they had a bad quarter and they’re bailing out before their stocks tanks once word gets out. So what this guy revealed on a hidden camera is that BlackRock gives that kind of information to politicians before the sales reports are publicly announced so they can buy or sell accordingly.

One particularly terrifying thing is BlackRock’s influence over Woke Inc, the wokeification of American corporations and boardrooms. In light of the recent Bud Light and Target fiascos, along with Disney and Netflix, many have wondered why so many companies are making the perplexing financial decision to promote a woke agenda that’s so obviously unpopular with consumers.

We need to look no further than the CEO of BlackRock, Larry Fink, who openly stated that companies must enforce certain behaviors and diversity standards, with compensation being impacted if these goals are not met.

Essentially, BlackRock is using its massive financial and political influence to pressure companies into compliance with what are called ESG standards. ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance policies. These standards are now functioning like a new kind of social credit system comparable to the Chinese system that’s being imposed on businesses by companies like BlackRock and the World Economic Forum.

ESG standards are so sinister, that Elon Musk recently remarked that ‘The S in ESG stands for Satanic.’ The key here, and this is the terrifying element to what Fink just said, is that this social credit system for businesses may end up paving the way for a future where individual consumers face similar scrutiny. The WEF is already talking about that. 

The Davos managerial worldview pits the obligation to solve the problems of the world not on governments or corporations, but rather, the full brunt to change the world must be borne by you, the consumer. At any Davos gathering, over and over again you’re going to hear speakers talk about creating business conditions that in effect control the choices of consumers to ‘make this a better world.’ As we’re seeing here, Blackrock is leading the way to that kind of social credit system.

The good news in all of this is that it looks more and more likely that their plans are going to fail. This is because ESG standards are being successfully exposed as the new woke. Larry Fink squirmed when he was most recently asked about ESG:

As you can see, even the crowned prince of ESG, Larry Fink, is running away from it. The simple fact of the matter is that consumers are rebelling. The very consumers that Blackrock and the WEF want to control are pushing back and successfully controlling these corporations! As long as this happens, there’s nothing these companies can do to leverage their behavior! Blackrock, like Disney, Bud Light, and Target, is learning the hard way to the tune of billions of lost dollars that woke corporations are a business model disaster. The only inside trader tip that politicians need from woke companies is to dump the stock as fast as you can!

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