Navigating the WOKE Wave: How Europeans Handle Protesters!

The video has emerged showing how some are dealing with woke protestors. The video shows people picking them up and throwing them aside! We are going to see how that’s becoming par for the course throughout Europe as more nations rebel against woke ideologies.

– Across Europe and beyond, there is a growing resistance against woke liberal ideas, with patriots pushing back against nonsensical ideologies.

– Countries like France, Italy, and Hungary are openly rejecting all things woke!

– We are seeing a resurgence of conservatism globally as patriots everywhere rise against the woke!

Most of the legacy media is realizing that Europe has had it with all things woke. Nations throughout the continent are increasingly rising against these ideas. In France, government officials have banned “gender-neutral language” from all classrooms across the country. In French grammar, the noun system reflects the gender of the object to which they are referring, and the masculine dominates the feminine in mixed settings, meaning that if one is referring to a group of friends with 9 women and 1 man together, this group would be referred to by the masculine plural form for friends.

Because of this lack of gender neutrality in the French language, one of the things that woke French educators have been trying to introduce is what they call ‘inclusive writing’ in the French curriculum which tries to eliminate as much gender exclusivity as possible. The French government has completely cracked down on this practice. The Academie Francais, which is the official public institution that guards the French language, has officially banned school teachers from using ‘gender-neutral inclusive writing’ in all classrooms.

Government officials have cited the pernicious and venomous ideas coming out of particularly American universities, and they’ve warned that if these leftist cultural Marxist ideas were to be imported into France, they would become just as much a threat to French identity as they have proven to be for American identity.

In Britain, officials have banned transgender gender-change surgeries for all minors, all Brits under the age of 18. The National Health Service warned that gender dysphoria among young people is often a temporary “phase” and therefore had decided that they would restrict the use of puberty blockers and gender-changing hormones. This ban aligns with similar restrictions on transgender interventions in Sweden, Finland, and France.

In Italy, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau was utterly humiliated by the national press, who called him a ‘buffoon’ for his virtue-signaling lecture to Italians on how to conduct themselves on LGBT issues! The Italian paper Libero printed a full-color picture of Trudeau in blackface from his younger years on their front page, they call him a buffoon, and they asked rhetorically, “Who the hell does this guy think he is lecturing us?!?”

Patriots around the globe are rising up and pushing back against woke liberal nonsense. Perhaps no nation in the whole of Europe is more at war with all things woke than the nation of Hungary! Led by the ultra-patriot Victor Orban, who has won four back-to-back election landslides in a row, Hungary is doing more than any other nation on the continent to reconfigure the whole of their society around traditionalist conservative culture. Orban spoke in Texas at CPAC:

Orban is actively revitalizing classical Christian Hungarian culture! He’s even revitalizing the arts. Central to this series of reforms is the revitalization of the arts, particularly theater in Hungary. Hungary’s government spends more on culture and the arts than almost any other nation in Europe in terms of its gross domestic product. Recently the government announced that they are setting up a National Cultural Council, headed by a government minister, with the task of ‘setting priorities and directions to be followed in Hungarian culture.’

In addition, Hungary is seeing a renaissance of classical architecture building projects, all to reawaken a traditional vision of art, which serves as a mediator to awaken our loves and direct them to the eternal source of truth, goodness, and beauty! We are seeing it being replicated throughout the world, particularly in Russia and India, where art and building projects are returning to traditionalist roots. So, while we are fighting back against woke absurdities here in the States and Canada, it’s good to know that we’re being joined in that fight by fellow patriots all over the world! It’s just a matter of time before the woke will be no more!

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