Nationalist Populism on the Rise: Insights from the Conservative Political Action Conference in Europe

The New Right, the nationalist-populist right, is ascending throughout the continent, and they have got a new ally in Elon Musk.

– The Conservative Political Action Conference in Europe highlights the rise of nationalist populism across the continent, with Viktor Orban leading the charge.

– Growing disillusionment with liberal globalist ideas leads to a rise in nationalist parties among European youth, as seen with the popularity of parties like Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) in Germany.

– Countries like Hungary, Georgia, and Russia implement policies to encourage higher birth rates and preserve their unique civilizations.

The Conservative Political Action Conference in Europe held its annual meeting this weekend in Budapest, Hungary. Nationalist populists from all over Europe gathered to hear leaders of the New Right and their vision for the rising conservative age in Europe. The featured speaker was of course the amazing Viktor Orban, the very successful and popular prime minister of Hungary.

He talked about the delusional elites that occupy Brussels and DC, what he called adherents of the old world, and the old world of course is liberal globalism. It dominated the world after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Frank Fukuyama called it the End of History, with the fall of Communism and Fascism, liberal globalism no longer had any great power competitors. It was only a matter of time before all the nations of the world would be absorbed into the norms of liberalism.

We are now seeing a massive worldwide backlash against liberal and globalist ideas. The vast majority of the planet’s population has no interest in being governed by a ruling elite that rules in accordance with its own interests at the expense of the interests and concerns of the people. The world of liberal globalism is dying and it’s being increasingly replaced by a new world of nationalism, populism, and traditionalism. More scholars are seeing a rising civilizationalist world!

Orban basically said that this is the year for us to end this old world and chase these elites away by voting for the nationalist populists in the upcoming European Parliament elections in June. Orban recognizes that these are the trends that are redefining the world order. These civilizationalist trends back towards nationalism, populism, and traditionalism happening all over the world, and especially in Europe.

A new poll just came out showing that in Germany, their patriot party, the Alternative for Deutschland, is now the number one most popular party among 14 to 29-year-olds. The ‘Youth in Germany’ study found that the under-30 German population is incredibly pessimistic about the state of things in Europe and around the world. They’re very pessimistic about the economy, inflation, and immigration, and the AfD has clearly persuaded the under-30 vote that all of these problems are caused by a globalist elite who don’t care about them.

The younger vote is moving en masse towards the so-called far right. Marine Le Pen in France gets her most solid support among the younger voters. Georgia Meloni of the Brothers of Italy, Jimmie Ockeson of the Sweden Democrats, and the Austrian Freedom Party, which is set to win in a landslide in their national elections in the fall, are all very popular with the under-30 vote. They happen to be very popular with Elon Musk as well!

One of the speakers at the conference was the Dutch conservative political activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek who spoke about what’s commonly referred to as the Great Replacement Theory, the notion that our globalist elite are indeed actively trying to replace European white populations with those of the global south:

Elon Musk commented on Eva’s speech saying: “The problem with ‘Great Replacement Theory’ is that it fails to address the foundational issue of low birth rates. Record low birth rates are leading to population collapse in Europe and even faster population collapse in most of Asia. Immigration is low in Asia, so there is no ‘replacement’ going on, the countries are simply shrinking away. If this doesn’t turn around, then any countries on Earth with low birth rates will become empty of people and fall into ruin, like the remains we see of the many long-dead civilizations.”

Musk is observing that it does us no ultimate good to complain about the deliberately insane immigration levels, both legal and illegal, that are being implemented by our ruling elites if we are not taking our own demographic future seriously in terms of the current disastrously low fertility rates. Right now, in the United States, there are more white deaths than there are white births. The fertility level across the board is dangerously low in both the States and Europe, far below the 2.1 replacement level.

Musk is saying that we can close our borders today, entirely, and in a matter of a few decades, our civilization will basically disappear precisely because of this epidemic of low birthrates. Closing the border is where the saving of our civilization begins, but it doesn’t end there. We can have our borders completely closed and still see Western civilization disappear. A flourishing civilization and a flourishing fertility rate need each other and imply one another.

This is where nations like Hungary, Georgia, and Russia are taking the lead. They are offering extraordinarily generous tax benefits to married couples who have three or more children. Every year, Russian President Vladimir Putin hands out what are called ‘Parental Glory’ awards to parents who have 10 or more children. They are taking their low fertility levels very seriously because they are taking their unique Russian Orthodox civilization very seriously, as are Georgia, Hungary, and other nations as well.

The good news is that Musk’s concerns are being addressed. They are going to have to be addressed across the European continent by all European populations, and increasingly, our American population, if we want to see a renewal of Western civilization flourish!

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