NAACP Grasps at Straws With Latest Travel Advisory as Black Lives Matter IMPLODES!!

The ultra-woke NAACP pulled perhaps one of its most outrageous stunts ever this weekend, issuing an official travel advisory for blacks against the state of Florida, citing concerns that the state has become “hostile to Black Americans” under the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis.

– NAACP proposes travel advisory claiming Florida devalues and marginalizes Black Americans.

– DeSantis dismisses travel advisory as hypocritical, pointing out the NAACP chairman lives in Florida.

– Racism in the nation has significantly decreased, despite the focus on racial division by the political class and grievance political organizations.

This travel advisory, proposed by the NAACP’s Florida State Conference and approved by the national organization’s board of directors, claims that Florida devalues and marginalizes blacks and other communities of color, so those communities should think twice before traveling there. As part of the advisory, the NAACP pointed to several legislative actions taken by Governor DeSantis, such as a new law signed by DeSantis that defunds radically woke diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, so-called DEI directives in Florida colleges.

DeSantis has also signed into law a bill that bans the teaching of critical race theory in general education courses and throughout the states’ K to 12 curriculum. Additionally, earlier in the year, the DeSantis administration rejected an AP African-American Studies course, citing concerns about its ultra-woke political agenda. DeSantis has dismissed the travel advisory and its claims as an absolute farce. DeSantis is right. This is a pathetic and hypocritical stunt because the chairman of the NAACP lives in Florida. The chairman of the pathetic organization that released this travel advisory lives in the very state against which they are advising. The legacy media promotes stories that are a further joke about this situation. A local Florida news station faults DeSantis for being ‘divisive.’

Calling DeSantis divisive sounds ridiculous since the NAACP issued a travel advisory against Florida because of its ‘rampant racism,’ even though the chairman lives in Tampa. It would be hard to get more divisive and hypocritical than that. The NAACP and the legacy media push what scholars call grievance politics. Proponents of grievance politics reimagine culture as a binary of antithetical power distributions between a dominant culture power, a victimizer or oppressor, who disenfranchises politically and socially minority cultures through misogynist, racist, and classist exclusions.

Grievance activists claim to be the ones who stand up for and defend the victims who are oppressed by society. The problem with this is that grievance politics are all about enriching the activist elites. Grievance politics do almost nothing for those whom the activist elite supposedly represent. This has been seen most explicitly with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which has turned grievance politics into a very lucrative industry.

The SPLC makes tens of millions of dollars a year smearing conservative organizations and causes. As Thomas Sowell pointed out years ago, grievance politics can never be appeased precisely because such appeasement goes against the business model that enriches activist elites. This is what we call ‘limousine liberals’ who run around crying ‘racism’ and ‘discrimination’ ultimately to get a massive amount of finances reallocated into their bank accounts. Grievance politics makes these woke liberals a lot of money. Because of this, there is no incentive to improve or make things better. That would eliminate the need for these grievance organizations.

One indicator of how this travel advisory stunt is going to fair is coming from the BLM world. Things are not looking very good for Black Lives Matter. The Daily Mail is reporting that donations for BLM have imploded. It has been reported that donations to BLM fell by 88% in 2022. It is unclear why the donations have dropped so dramatically, but one obvious explanation could be because of the questionable spending practices by BLM leadership.

In 2021, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation released its first set of public tax documents with the IRS which revealed that co-founder Patrisse Cullors used BLM funds to pay her graffiti-artist brother $840 thousand for quote ‘security services.’ They also paid nearly $1 million to a company owned by her child’s father for ‘creative services.’ The foundation’s biggest payout, however, was a whopping $2.1 million to a consulting firm owned by another of BLM’s board members. BLM also bought a $6 million property in Los Angeles.

The Cullors also had a massive real estate buying spree. This included the purchasing of a $1.4 million home in an exclusive Los Angeles neighborhood. The home is reported to be about a 15-minute drive from Malibu beaches. The glitzy LA home was only one of several other properties she purchased all around the same time. It was reported that this self-described Marxist purchased a total of four high-end homes for $3.2 million. Support for BLM has imploded across all racial demographics, including blacks. Things aren’t working so well for the grievance politics industry, hence why the NAACP is embarrassing itself with this travel warning gimmick.

The wonderful news here is that, despite all of these absurd grievance politics organizations that actively attempt to divide us, racism is at an all-time low. Countless studies show that racism has plummeted in our nation. In 1950, 90% of the public was opposed to interracial marriage; today, 90% of the public is all for it. In almost every racial indicator, racist attitudes have plummeted, yet our permanent political class, bolstered by grievance politics organizations like the NAACP, has never been more obsessed with racism. This latest gimmick is nothing more than an admission that the grievance politics industry is drying up, which is wonderful news that, despite the political class’s best efforts, our nation is more united than ever.

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