MSNBC Panel PANICS over Trump’s Historic WIN!

They were not happy over at MSNBC on the night of the Iowa caucus. Trump’s historic victory in Iowa sent the woke activists disguised as journalists into a nervous collapse. They didn’t know how to react, and for us, the result was some of the most entertaining babble of the night.

– Rachel Maddow accuses Trump and the MAGA movement of authoritarian fascism without defining the term or citing authoritative sources.

– Maddow’s claims are challenged by the Oxford Handbook of the Radical Right, a comprehensive study distancing nationalist populism from fascism.

– Polls accurately predicted Trump’s victory, with forecasts indicating potential success in the general election.

Rachel Maddow is one of the staunchest advocates for cancel culture and for media censorship, arresting Biden’s political opponent, removing Trump from ballots, and for corporations teaming up with bureaucrats to force vaccinations and DEI discriminations on their employees. She is now the one accusing Trump and the MAGA movement of authoritarian fascism. She never even bothered to define fascism, nor does she ever cite a single authoritative source for these claims, even though she says she knows what she’s talking about because she’s been studying it.

If she has been studying the rise of the so-called extreme right, then she is no doubt quite familiar with the Oxford Handbook of the Radical Right. It is the definitive study of the rise of nationalist populism around the world. It comprises nearly 800 pages of around 30 scholars writing about the MAGA movement, Trump, and the rise of nationalist populism all over Europe. Interestingly, not a single chapter or article in the entire book equates these movements with fascism. The authors explicitly and largely distance what they call the radical right from fascism! Rachel Maddow never let facts get in the way of her kooky conspiracy theories:

That’s the so-called reporter that’s telling you about what happened in Iowa last night. She is about as accurate as her ‘reporting’ on what happened in Russia and the 2016 election, the Mueller report, vaccines, or anything else she spews out of her insufferable propagandistic mouth for that matter. But if you think Rachel Maddow was bad, nothing compares to what we’re about to see!

That was the ever-insufferable Joy Reid, race huckster par excellence, who blamed Trump’s win on ‘too many white Christians.’ Trump won because there were too many white Christians. She, unlike Rachel Maddow, tried to pass herself off as somehow knowledgeable on this subject. She mentioned that she consulted the Public Religion Research Institute, the PRRI, which is a far-left advocacy group. This is what the cultural Marxist left has done. They infiltrate cultural institutions and then they turn around and pretend that such ideological infiltration is perfectly natural and normal.

She pretended to be objective and non-partisan as she cited a radically partisan leftwing organization as if it were objectively authoritative. Trump just made history by winning by the largest margin ever in the history of the Iowa caucus. Trump made election history and she opines with an incoherent screed on his supposedly faulty electability. Only on MSNBC can you even imagine coming across such utter imbecility.

Iowa proved that all the polls are right! Trump won by 30 points, which is exactly what the Des Moines Register, the Iowa State poll, and Emerson all predicted that Trump would win by a historic margin of around 30 points. Those same polls, like Emerson, are predicting, as we speak, that Trump will win the general election with over 300 electoral votes. Even CNN’s forecasted map has Trump already winning more than the 270 he needs to win the presidency.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is affecting the people who can’t tell you what a woman is. They are trying to make sense of the fact that their world is about to fall apart. Trump is coming back, and they simply do not know how to make sense of that. They are all experiencing a collective concussion and rambling incoherent screeds as predicted! Trump’s wins are just beginning, and if that’s the case, MSNBC’s freak show is just getting started!

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