MSNBC Meltdown Over Trump Polls!

MSNBC anchors had live, on-air meltdowns as they saw the polls reflecting Trump taking the lead with the popular vote. Their worst nightmare is coming true. We have the latest polls and we are going to see what has the legacy media so utterly unhinged!

– MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace had an emotional meltdown on live TV, reflecting growing concerns among leftists over unfavorable polling data for Democrats in the 2024 election.

– The likelihood of an impending recession further compounds Biden’s challenges.

– House Speaker Kevin McCarthy believes Trump is virtually assured to be the Republican nominee for 2024, making the primaries a mere formality.

MSNBC’s ultra-leftist lunatic Nicole Wallace suffered an unhinged meltdown on live TV. Leftists are freaking out because the polling that keeps coming out spells disaster for the Democrats in 2024. In the latest poll from CBS/YouGov, Trump is now winning the popular vote 50 to 49! Among independents, Trump is beating Biden 57 to 42. He’s within range of a 20-point lead among Independents, which tells you that there was a whole lot of skewing going on to get that 50 to 49 result. Trump’s lead is most likely much bigger than that, plus Trump always outperforms the polls whereas Biden always underperforms them.

That is exactly what we are seeing with the latest Harvard/Harris poll. It has Trump leading by 4, and this is the third Harvard/Harris poll in a row that shows Trump with a popular vote lead. The latest from Fox, which leans notoriously to the left, has Trump up by 2, 48 to 46. The latest Signal poll shows Trump up also by 2, 46 to 44. The latest Clarity Omnibus poll, which is a Democrat poll, has Trump up by one, 45 to 44. Comparing all these polls with where Biden and Trump stood in October 2020, they’ve all swung by double-digits in Trump’s direction. It doesn’t matter what poll you look at, they all show a double-digit swing to Trump.

According to the polls, the electoral map shows that if the election were held today, it would be an electoral landslide. Trump would beat Biden with upwards of 312 electoral votes. We now have the data that shows that this is going to be even worse than the Democrats thought! The latest Suffolk University poll on the economy found that 70% of the population believes that the economy is getting worse, and those same voters trust Trump over Biden with the economy double-digits.

Most economists believe we are headed into a recession. The economy is only going to get worse, and historically no president has been reelected if a recession took place in the last two years of his presidency. The polls are only going to get worse for Biden and better for Trump. This is the advantage of Trump running what Dick Morris calls a hybrid campaign. Donald Trump is running as the first hybrid candidate: part incumbent, part candidate. This is Trump’s huge advantage that no other Republican has going into this election. This is one of the reasons why all of this polling is so unique to Trump.

As a candidate, he’s going around slamming Biden on the looming recession, inflation, open borders, Ukraine, and many other important issues. Traditionally, the only response an incumbent has to that challenger is “Well, how do we know you can do any better?” That tends to be the Achilles Heel of a challenger. This is the advantage of Trump’s hybridity. Biden can’t say that! Everywhere Trump goes, he can point to his many successes as a proven track record for getting our nation back on track. No other GOP candidate has this advantage. This is why even House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is conceding that this race is effectively over:

McCarthy knew Trump was going to be the nominee, and he even threw DeSantis under the bus, saying he was not in the same league as Trump, which is true. It’s not a matter of if Trump will be the nominee; Trump IS the nominee. We have never seen anyone dominate the primaries like this. The voting at this point is just a formality. This is not the time to become complacent. The Democrat and RINO establishment are going to do everything they absolutely can to stop this man from returning to the Oval Office, so we have to mobilize and organize and get out there and vote like our lives depend on it. If we do, that means that the meltdowns at MSNBC are just getting started!

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