MSNBC Has A Trump Derangement Syndrome MELTDOWN!

Joe Scarborough and the ultra-leftists over at MSNBC have finally lost it. They are in a full-blown meltdown over Biden’s collapsing poll numbers, and their Trump Derangement Syndrome has reached unimaginable levels of absurdity.

– Scarborough uses a manipulative rhetorical technique known as “jackhammering” to emphasize Joe Biden’s supposed experience.

– Woke leftists, including Scarborough, are aware of Biden’s failures but are deflecting blame onto Trump.

– Scarborough and MSNBC are projecting their recognition of Biden’s disastrous leadership onto Trump, revealing an acknowledgment of Biden’s shortcomings.

Scarborough used a rhetorical technique known as jackhammering where someone uses a single word or phrase like ‘experience,’ often in a desperate attempt at manipulating you, particularly when there’s little time for argument. That is one of the key ways you can know if someone is deliberately trying to manipulate you. This is exactly what this lunatic Joe Scarborough did there with his repeated emphasis on Joe Biden’s supposed experience.

Joe Biden has been overseeing a world that is becoming unhinged. Even members of the mainstream media are admitting that Trump’s foreign policy was an astounding success, particularly evident in the fact that he is the only president since Jimmy Carter that did not get America involved in a new war. Trump’s tenure was marked by an uncharacteristic peace abroad. In many respects, the world order has become radically disordered ever since the Biden regime took over. Even CNN is admitting that world leaders do not take Biden seriously. He is being snubbed all over the world.

For woke leftists like Scarborough, Trump is the one evidencing dementia and confusion on stage, not Biden. Trump is the one who keeps getting lost mid-sentence, not Biden. This is projection and ascribing to others the sins of which you or someone else is guilty. Some consider it a Freudian effort, or an atheist version of confession or medieval penance.

These woke leftists know what they are doing is evil and wrong, but because they are narcissists, they cannot be the ones who are blamed or punished. They look for some kind of scapegoat to impute their sins to and have those sins punished. This is where projection comes in. When they project, they admit that what they are actually doing is wrong and worthy of being purged.

Scarborough and the whole of MSNBC know that Biden is a disaster, but given the state of who they are, they are projecting onto Trump the very catastrophes they recognize with Biden. All of this is an admission that MSNBC knows that Biden is an unmitigated disaster whose day of reckoning is indeed at hand!

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