Mitch McConnell Under Scrutiny! May Be Next OUT!

We may soon be taking out the utterly insufferable establishment hack Mitch McConnell!

– McConnell’s leadership in the Republican minority is in jeopardy following the failure of the open-borders bill, with prominent senators considering a change.

– The collapse of the open-borders bill signifies the end of the old GOP and the rise of a new America First, MAGA sentiment within the party.

– As long as McConnell remains the face of the Republican party, it alienates the voters that propelled Trump to victory.

Kentucky senator Mitch McConnell’s days of leading, or so-called leading the Republican minority look as if they are numbered in light of the disastrous open-borders bill that crashed and burned within 24 hours after it was introduced. In light of that disaster, more and more prominent Republican senators are expressing support for a leadership change, and the GOP conference appears ready to do that.

According to an exclusive report by the Daily Caller, one senator, who requested anonymity so as not to be retaliated against by McConnell, said this: “I think this is our opportunity to take him out, and we’re sort of working to figure out if that’s possible. I think that there’s a bit of a chicken and egg problem where I think you probably have the votes, but you need somebody to step forward!’ Perhaps Ted Cruz is the guy who said this. Even the legacy media is seeing McConnell’s leadership imploding.

NBC ran a piece with the headline: ‘Republicans kill border bill in a sign of Trump’s strength and McConnell’s waning influence.’ The bi-line reads: ‘Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell encouraged GOP senators to pass an immigration and Ukraine aid deal. Just four of them supported it. In the end, even he voted no.’ James Lankford of Oklahoma, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Mitt Romney of Utah supported the disastrous bill. The astonishing thing here is that this is all that Mitch McConnell was able to rally to support a bill that he helped to author.

McConnell recognized that Republicans weren’t going to support another massive aid package to Ukraine until they tackled the border, but McConnell also knew that they would never be able to get Democrats on board with a border bill that didn’t have open borders and mass amnesty for illegal migrants. So McConnell, being the unrepentant shill for all things military-industrial complex, was so desperate to enrich his military buddies that he was willing to sell out his constituency, the Republican voters, on the border just to send billions to Ukraine.

It turned out to be an absolute political disaster for McConnell; so now the American Spectator is calling for McConnell’s immediate removal from Republican leadership. However shrewd this guy once was, legislatively or in appointing judges, it’s over! The fact that only four Republicans, all embarrassing RINOs, heeded his call to vote for a bill that he even ended up voting against, shows that he’s lost almost total support among the Republican conference, and now is the time to take this guy out!

Punch Bowl News had a very good piece on the significance of what happened this week in the Senate with that disastrous open-borders bill. This week showed that we are beginning to see the end of the old GOP. This piece notes that this has been happening for some time now. The structures and standards that once defined the old guard of the GOP have been breaking down ever since the Tea Party movement began in 2009. In 2016, Trump officially created a new GOP coalition centered on the white working class in rural America, which was decisive in Trump winning blue-collar-dense states like Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, and Pennsylvania which no Republican had won in decades.

Despite this new coalition, the old Republican guard, represented most faithfully by McConnell, didn’t know what to do with these new voters. They both occupy such different cultural spaces. Even though McConnell is originally from Kentucky, he has completely lost touch with the Appalachian voter, even going so far as insisting that funding the war in Ukraine was the number one issue of the US government. The Republican Party today, precisely because of its new voter coalition, is staunchly against funding for Ukraine. They are radically anti-globalist, and they are demanding that the federal government serve the people who elected them before they go off serving governments 10,000 miles away.

This America First, MAGA sentiment is inevitably taking over the GOP, and it will eventually push Mitch McConnell out. McConnell is increasingly looking like a symbol of a party that no longer exists. The disappointing midterms were such a disaster because as long as you have the likes of Mitch McConnell representing the GOP, the new voter base isn’t going to come out to vote. As long as McConnell continues to be the face of the Republican party in DC, the voters who gave Trump the biggest electoral victory of any Republican in 30 years are simply not going to vote. This is why McConnell needs to be replaced.

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