Mitch McConnell BOOED as Patriots Take Over GOP!

Republicans recently booed a politician off their stage, and it was not a Democrat. That wasn’t Nancy Pelosi getting heckled off the stage, that was the top-ranking Republican in the entire Senate, Mitch McConnell who was booed for five straight minutes, with his speech drowned out by the chant: ‘RETIRE! RETIRE! Get out! You don’t represent us anymore!’

– The GOP is undergoing significant upheaval driven by a growing rebellion at the grassroots level, stemming from a perceived disconnect between the ruling class and the rank-and-file.

– Conservative patriots have no tolerance for RINOs like Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence.

– The broader working class of all races is increasingly aligning with the GOP, shaping the party into a more nationalist, populist, and traditionalist force.

He was trying to speak at the Fancy Farm picnic, which is one of Kentucky’s main political events when the grassroots of the party shouted him down. They treated him with the very same contempt that they would treat any Democrat leader. Mike Pence got an earful over the weekend as well.

This guy who, for some reason, decided to run for president, is hearing members of his party calling him a traitor and a sell-out. This is quite reminiscent of Mitt Romney’s similar lack of popularity.

Mitt Romney got an earful at the Utah Republican Convention several years ago, and he’s only gone downhill from there. The Republican Party is going through a huge upheaval. There is a major rebellion happening at the grassroots level. This rebellion is happening because of the massive disconnect between the ruling class, particularly the donor class, and the rank and file. We saw it most recently on display with Ronna McDaniel, the niece of Mitt Romney when she won a very contentious contest for the RNC chair. The very RINOs that say that we need to reject Trump because he lost three elections in a row shilled for McDaniel who was at the forefront of all three of those losses. The problem here is that political class Republicans have no idea what to do with the new grassroots. They occupy such a different cultural space than the grassroots that they simply couldn’t be more alienated from one another.

The Democrats are in panic mode as new polling data shows exactly what we’ve been talking about for over a year now. The Democrats are losing the nonwhite working class. Democrats have already lost the white working class, which are the blue-collar manufacturing workers, and factory workers, who have historically voted exclusively Democrat, but who defected in droves to vote for Trump. In 2016, there were nearly 200 counties that had voted for the Democratic presidential candidate in every election since 1984 by a 20-point margin that suddenly swung over and voted for Trump by a comparable 20-point margin. Counties in states like Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, and Pennsylvania that voted for Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton (2x), Al Gore, Kerry, and Obama (2x), to the shock of pollsters and pundits alike, voted for Donald Trump, some by a 20-point-margin.

That makes a 40-point-swing to the nationalist-populist right. Hillary Clinton lost the white working-class vote so badly that even if she got Barack Obama’s level of the black vote, she still would have lost. We are starting to see the non-white working class vote defect from the Democrats and move over to an increasingly nationalist populist GOP. The data shows that between 2020 and 2022, the Democrat advantage among non-white working-class voters decreased by 14 points, but the advantage from 2012 has dropped by 33 points.

These same nonwhite working-class voters are now flocking to Trump. That’s one of the reasons he’s tied with Biden in the latest NYT/Sienna poll, a poll that Trump has never led, either in 2016 or 2020. One of the reasons why Trump is poised to win in a blowout in 2024 is because the Democrats are losing the non-white working class. So the whole of the working class, both white and non-white, are shifting over to the GOP, and transforming the party into a far more nationalist, populist, and traditionalist party. This new patriot-backed GOP is poised to finally take out the RINOs!

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