Millions RISE UP Against New World Order: Klaus Schwab PANICS!

World Economic Forum president Klaus Schwab declared that the future of world order belongs to what he calls ‘stakeholder capitalism.’ Stakeholder capitalism is generally presented as a system in which corporations are oriented to serve the interests of the general population at large, but the general population is not understood in nationalist or localist terms.

– Stakeholder capitalism involves ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria used to assess corporations based on social justice and environmental goals.

– The WEF believes it’s justified in controlling life chances like employment, education, finances, and banking to prevent an environmental apocalypse.

– The world is moving away from the WEF’s stakeholder capitalism toward a more multipolar economic landscape.

Stakeholder capitalism involves instituting ESG which stands for environmental and social governance criteria. That refers to scores corporations get in relation to those key areas so that investors can show they are investing in companies that advance leftwing social justice goals. These include green energy, racial equity, and even abortion access. This is an attempt to pressure companies to become more woke. Many have noticed that the ESG scores are eerily similar to China’s social credit system, which is a technocratic project that seeks to control human behavior so as to ‘maximize’ safety and sustainability.

It’s now widely recognized that the leaders of the WEF are actively designing and seeking to implement the architecture of such an internationalized social credit system in the name of a radically apocalyptic environmentalist vision where they believe that your consumption choices have the capacity to destroy the planet and life as we know it. That means that, as far as the WEF is concerned, the environment is the ultimate stakeholder. What’s so important to get here is that apocalyptic environmentalism is absolutely foundational to their worldview.

This is key because, with apocalyptic environmentalism as their basis, the WEF believes that they are completely justified in deliberately controlling what’s called your life chances like access to employment, education opportunities, finances, and banking. The WEF believes that in the name of saving the environment, they need to control your choices and behavior to prevent an environmental apocalypse from occurring. The beauty in all of this is that the WEF and the legacy media that forms their propaganda mouthpieces are all admitting that populations are rising up against this vision and are ready to end the WEF once and for all.

At their last meeting in Davos, the leftist activists at The New York Times shocked their liberal readership by openly recognizing that the world is changing in a way that threatens to bring to an end the very existence of the WEF itself. The WEF, according to the New York Times, is losing its relevance. Its power to direct and dictate political and economic life around the world is waning, and there appears little the Demons in Davos can do to stop it.

One of the biggest shocks recently came when the Dutch government that was busy so faithfully instituting the WEF’s green energy policies to the detriment of farmers throughout their nation completely collapsed. The Dutch government, until then, had been ruled by a coalition of parties that were implementing some of the most environmentalist extremist policies in the whole of the European Union. They voted to slash their nation’s emissions by forcing farmers to use less fertilizer or cut their livestock herd numbers, which involves killing their livestock. Tens of thousands of farmers responded by protesting all over the Netherlands in response to lawmakers in the Hague, the Dutch Parliament. A brand new farmers party rose up called the BBB, or the Farmer Citizen Movement, a party that represents the persecuted farmers who’ve been protesting against draconian green policies that have been shutting Dutch farms down.

This brand new Farmers’ Party stormed their provincial elections and took control of the Dutch senate. Now the whole Dutch government has collapsed, with elections right around the corner. In Italy, just weeks before the Dutch elections, the nationalist populist coalition of the Brothers of Italy, Lega, and Forza Italia won majorities in both Chambers of the Italian parliament. The Christian nationalist leader, Giorgia Meloni, ascended to prime minister, who’s a huge opponent of the WEF.

Even in Klaus Schwab’s native Germany’s anti-WEF patriot party called the AfD, or the Alternative for Deutschland, has now surpassed the 20% mark in support which is significant in a multi-party parliament. Europe is pushing back. The populist storm is enormous. This multi-polar world is reconfiguring around a new economic center known as BRICS. The five foundational nations that have formed a new and powerful economic bloc. Since its formation in the 2000s, the economic bloc has grown exponentially, with dozens of countries seeking to join. Nations such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Algeria, Argentina, Mexico and Nigeria are all lining up and applying for membership.

As a result, this new economic bloc is providing the global platform for new bi-lateral trade agreements and financial activities that deliberately bypass the WEF’s vision of world order. It looks like the liberals at the New York Times are absolutely right. The world is passing the WEF by. Their goal of ‘stakeholder capitalism’ is turning out to be just a pipedream of a bunch of wannabe dictators. The people are rising up, and there’s nothing the Demons in Davos can do about it!

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