Miller Lite Removes Woke Ad Following Major Backlash!

Another company is flirting with wokeness and has come to its senses. We are going to see the latest win for patriot consumers who’ve had enough of all of this woke nonsense and have learned to effectively fight back.

– The ad received negative reactions from consumers who criticized the brand’s attempt to cater to social justice issues.

– Conservative commentators and consumers accused Miller Lite of prioritizing ESG requirements and promoting woke virtue signaling over brewing beer.

– Consumers can successfully push back against woke corporations and demand a return to customer-centric approaches.

Miller Lite, in the shadow of Bud Light’s catastrophe, is currently proving itself to be perhaps the single dumbest brand on the planet. Their woke marketing team demonstrated just how incoherent and utterly incompetent wokeness is by releasing a ridiculous ad:

Miller Lite produced this commercial back in March, a few weeks before the Bud Light and Dylan Mulvaney fiasco. Given the visceral reaction against the Dylan Mulvaney ad, the marketing morons over at Miller Lite didn’t have sense enough to take their own ad down, so it got rediscovered, and in a matter of hours, it went far more viral than its original airing as the original airing was a bust.

In the shadow of the Bud Light catastrophe, now Miller Lite is getting the ax from many consumers. PublicSq. founder and CEO Michael Seifert tweeted, “Miller Lite thinks women are fragile victims. Bud Light doesn’t know what a woman is. Is it too much to ask to just brew beer instead of meeting your ESG requirements?” Conservative commentator Ian Miles Cheong wrote, “Miller Lite said to Bud Light, ‘hold my beer,’ and decided to create a new ad campaign straight out of early 2010s ‘I hate all men’ feminism to sell a drink to customers they hate.”

Blaze commentator Auron MacIntyre wrote, “Now you might be asking yourself ‘How could they be stupid enough to do this?’ They just saw what happened to Bud Light, go woke go broke right? But that’s because you still think the purpose of corporations and advertising is to respond to the market instead of engineer it.”

This kind of backlash has successfully pressured Miller Lite to pull down the ad. Conservatives have won another one. Miller Lite to renounce an ad that would have otherwise been up in perpetuity. But, fully recognizing that Miller Lite had this ad up before the Bud Light travesty, it still does beg the question: why would Miller Lite have a stupid ad like this in the first place? What are they thinking?

The Daily Caller investigated the Miller Lite ad executive responsible for that feminist campaign. We now have a better idea of why Miller Lite would produce a commercial like this in the first place. Sofia Colucci, the chief marketing officer for Molson Coors, the parent company of Miller Lite, supports liberal causes such as gun control, George Floyd protests, illegal immigration, and pro-vaccine propaganda.

Colucci recognized that her personal social media was going to get scrutinized, so she deleted much of the evidence, but not before the Daily Caller got screenshots. Colucci donated and shared a fundraiser on her Facebook page that goes to reunite migrants with their immigrant families. She also shared another page regarding the Las Vegas Shooting, saying members of Congress who received donations from the NRA need to meet with the victims and implement stricter gun laws. In another post, she praised the Pope for “stressing the importance” of the COVID-19 vaccine and said people who were reluctant to get the vaccine would hopefully be steered by his actions.

Colucci also changed her profile photo to include “I got my COVID-19 vaccine. We can do this,” and shared a post from Miller to buy shirts for the COVID-19 vaccine. On former Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain’s concession speech to former President Barack Obama, Colucci wrote, “Wow. Amazing and a reminder of what a true leader does.” After George Floyd was killed, Colucci posted a black square in support of Black Lives Matter and Floyd on Black Out Tuesday, to remember Floyd.

Miller Lite has an incurable woke warrior at their marketing helm, which underscores precisely what we saw with Bud Light. As much as Miller Lite is trying to distance itself from Bud Light, we can see the same pathological divide operative in both: both Bud Light and Miller Lite evidence a profound and widening gap between the CEO and the customer and between the corporation and the consumer!

Corporations increasingly exist in blue-state culture. Often their headquarters are in coastal cosmopolitan centers where these corporate officers rub shoulders with the bluest mentalities. Many have lost touch with even being able to relate to their customers, most of whom inhabit a red-state culture; and so there’s a widening gap and a massive chasm opening between blue-state corporatists and red-state consumers.

As corporations become increasingly woke, consumers are beginning to vociferously rise and resist these social engineering attempts, and customers are pushing back against these woke campaigns. The lesson to be learned here is very simple: the Bud Light disaster taught red-state America how to comprehensively fight back against woke corporations, and so if those corporations have any sense, they’ll completely abandon their woke plans and get back to serving and celebrating their loyal customers!

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