Mike Lindell OWNED Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!!!

Mike Lindell made it back to the Jimmy Kimmel show this week, and you’re not going to believe what happened! THIS is going to absolutely make your day!

-Mike Lindell PERFORMED on Jimmy Kimmel

-His humor actually united everyone!

-This shows there is some hope for America

Some days ago, the ultra-left activist Jimmy Kimmel said this about Mike Lindell:

Well, they thought they were mocking and ridiculing him, but Mike Lindell, to his astonishing credit, said, ‘Hey, let’s do it!’


And so, he showed up; to Kimmel’s astonishment, he showed up, and did the interview from inside the claw machine! So Kimmel, obviously rather surprised by it all, began the interview with a rather derogatory question: Why do you think people don’t take you seriously?

It’s a rigged game, and actually that was a great answer: there WAS a time we could question things without the threat of being sued, what happened? They kept going:

Now of course, that’s exactly what Kimmel said, as we heard ourselves; Lindell couldn’t come into the studio because he hadn’t been vaccinated! What I find so interesting is that this guest appearance by Lindell was so, as it were, all-of-a-sudden, that Kimmel didn’t even get brought up to speed about the whole context of the appearance; but of course, they went back and forth on the election, to a certain extent just talking past each other, but there were some very whimsical moments.

But what happened next really took everyone, especially Jimmy Kimmel, by surprise. This is when Mike Lindell really, really shined;

That was wonderful. Even Kimmel, who’s thus far been so bitter and spiteful towards so much of the nation, even HE had to laugh and REALLY laugh! This is the beauty of humor. There’s a growing field of study known as humor studies; it’s a wide field that includes the psychological, physiological and, yes, SOCIAL benefits of humor. Laughter has been shown to enhance our intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulate our heart, our lungs and muscles, and increase the endorphins that our brains release to reduce the physical sensations of stress. Humor has been shown to work wonders for people suffering from anxiety and depression. But most of all, humor has what scholars call an instrumental function, in terms of how it’s uniquely able to form or heal social bonds, enabling people to relate to one another, often in very stressful and tense situations. Humor has been recognized as indispensable to healthy marriages and healthy families, in professional development and career advancement. In other words, humor really does heal, not just physically, but socially as well! This week, in the midst of an increasingly bitter partisan polarization happening at virtually all levels of society, where even pronouns now are contentious, we were just treated to a masterclass on the healing power of humor!

Jimmy Kimmel, to his credit, his comedic as well as personal credit, recognized that! He really seemed to see in his own show a flash of promise: that perhaps we haven’t gone too far; we haven’t reached a tipping point in our nation where partisan divisions have become too polarizing to overcome! Perhaps we really still can come together, periodically, not as Republicans vs Democrats or conservatives vs liberals, but simply as Americans, with a common sense of humor that bridges our divides! I certainly hope that’s the case; and that hope, I have to say, was restored by a dear eccentric pillow-making patriot, named Mike Lindell!