Media PANICS over Trump’s 10-Point Lead over Biden!!!

ABC and the Washington Post have just released a poll that has initiated a collective media meltdown. We are going to see what’s really behind the latest shock poll and why even woke leftists are admitting that it is now likely that Donald Trump is returning to the White House in 2024!

– According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll, President Trump has taken a commanding double-digit lead over Joe Biden, beating him by 10 points.

– A majority of Democrats (60%) want someone other than Biden as their nominee, which is unusual for an incumbent.

– Trump’s strong numbers against Biden suggest he is the presumptive GOP nominee for 2024.

We knew Trump was surging, and knew why he was surging, and yet I don’t think any of us were prepared for the kind of thumping that ABC News and the Washington Post revealed in their latest poll. According to polling conducted by those two outlets, President Trump has now taken a commanding double-digit lead over Biden. He is beating Biden by 10 points, and is officially over the 50% mark, winning the popular vote overwhelmingly. Rich Baris of the People’s Pundit pointed out that this same poll, ABC/Washington Post, gave Biden a 17-point lead in Wisconsin in 2020. Biden went on to ‘win’ Wisconsin by 20,000 votes, and then a judge threw those votes out as illegal two years later.

ABC/Washington Post tends to dramatically over-sample Democrats. Mollie Hemingway pointed out something similar. ABC/Washington Post polling from September of 2019 had Biden up by 15 points. Their final 2020 poll had Biden up 12. They consistently oversampled Democrats, despite getting results showing Trump with a double-digit lead. The legacy media is panicking.

60% of Democrats want someone else other than Biden. That is not a normal number for an incumbent, according to NBC. That is certainly not a normal number for an incumbent whom the media has deliberately been covering up for, lying for, spinning for, and advocating for. The whole thing is falling apart right before their eyes. We know why Trump is getting these kinds of numbers. He is actively unraveling the Democrat coalition. Young people and non-white voters are not just lethargic towards Biden, they’re supporting Trump in record numbers. The Washington Post is admitting that Trump is seeing levels of minority support no Republican has reached in half a century.

According to this latest poll, Trump is winning the under-30 vote by 15 points. This is a constituency that voted for Biden in 2020 by 65%. With Trump posting numbers like these against Biden, you can expect the numbers for the other candidates to just continue to dwindle. Trump is the nominee. We are also seeing the Democrats getting utterly desperate. The Democrats in the legacy media are in a total meltdown. They know something has to be done, but they don’t know what.

Additionally, we saw Trump’s mugshot solidified support among many important voter demographics. This mugshot was the greatest of all time! Voters who have consistently voted Democrat are now voting Trump almost solely based on the fact that that image made him one of them! It is unraveling the Democrat coalition. We will keep our eyes on how things develop, but we may be looking back on this weekend months from now as the moment when Biden’s fall officially began!

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