Media ADMITS Biden’s DEMENTIA Getting WORSE!

The Wall Street Journal dropped a bombshell on Biden’s already fledgling campaign. We are going to see the latest reports on how badly Biden is slipping behind the scenes and we are going to see why the legacy media is exposing Biden!

– Biden’s aides and lawmakers have expressed deep concern over his cognitive abilities, noting that his public missteps are even more pronounced in private settings.

– Biden’s cognitive decline is becoming a major liability, overshadowing other significant issues like the economy, inflation, and border security.

– A recent article by the Wall Street Journal has brought significant attention to President Joe Biden’s cognitive state, raising concerns about his fitness for office.

For the last three and half years, we have all been seeing Joe Biden’s painfully obvious cognitive decline get worse and worse right before our very eyes. Some have even called it elder abuse! But now, a new report from a major legacy media outlet is sending shockwaves throughout the campaign.

The Wall Street Journal has just exposed even more troubling concerns about Biden behind closed doors that threatens to implode his already fledgling campaign. According to the report, his public brain breaks and confusion are even worse behind the scenes. Aids and lawmakers, speaking anonymously, have confirmed that they are deeply concerned that Biden’s cognitive decline is now getting frankly dangerous.

This blows apart the White House claim that somehow Biden is different behind the scenes than he is in public. According to the report, behind the scenes, Biden is even worse. The drugs have worn off and it’s not a pretty picture. The article said, ‘When President Biden met with congressional leaders in the West Wing in January to negotiate a Ukraine funding deal, he spoke so softly at times that some participants struggled to hear him, this according to five people familiar with the meeting. He read from notes to make obvious points, paused for extended periods and sometimes closed his eyes for so long that some in the room wondered whether he had tuned out.’

It just gets worse from there. There are numerous reports on numerous occasions of Biden having memory slips and not really knowing where he was. In other words, the commander in chief has dementia. He is in the process of significant cognitive decline, the extent of which the White House has been able to, at least in part, hide by pumping him up with drugs when he makes public appearances. But behind the scenes, there’s no hiding this.

There are at least two takeaways from this report. First, it underscores that Biden’s cognitive decline is his ultimate Achilles heel. It’s not the economy, inflation, the southern border, or the violent crime epidemic. These are all bad enough and are formally the most important issues of this campaign. There’s an underlying subtext to all of those issues: Biden’s painfully obvious degenerative senility.

This is what has Democrats up at night in a total panic. They know voters are not going to reelect a president they believe is NOT cognitively fit for the job. If most voters believe Biden has dementia he is not getting reelected.
This report represents a stunning turnaround among the legacy media. The ends the legacy media has been willing to go on Biden’s age is shown in a headline from the LA Times that tried to make the argument that Biden’s age was his superpower. They are actively trying to gaslight us into believing that Biden’s age and senility are actually his superpowers.

With this breaking story this morning from the Wall Street Journal, we are seeing that something is going on inside the legacy media. They are having a change of heart when it comes to Biden and they are now openly exposing what’s really going on behind closed doors in terms of his worsening condition.

So why is the legacy media, at least in the guise of the Wall Street Journal, suddenly turning on Biden as evidenced by this story?

The Wall Street Journal is abandoning ship. It’s now a week after the sham verdict in Manhattan, there has been no major movement whatsoever in the polls. There has been a massive movement among the billionaire class towards Trump ever since the verdict as we also see billionaires starting to flock to their fellow billionaire Trump realizing that if this sham weaponization of the law can be used against Trump, it can also be used against them.

The powers that be at the Wall Street Journal are thinking the same way. They’re seeing no change whatsoever among voters as the shame verdict was a dud. At the same time, they are seeing the billionaires all moving towards Trump. It looks like the Wall Street Journal is cutting bait and throwing their lot in with Trump by breaking the code among the legacy media not to expose Biden’s dementia and thereby exploit his Achilles Heel!

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