The fledgling Republicans in the House have finally officially impeached Alejandro Myorkas, the feckless Secretary of Homeland Security for his blatant and willful dereliction of duty at our southern border. We are going to take a look at precisely why this impeachment matters, we are going to see how the House is holding the line against that ridiculous and reckless foreign aid spending bill that was just passed in the Senate, and we’re going to see how the state of Texas continues to defend our national sovereignty by effectively building the wall!

– Mayorkas became the first sitting cabinet secretary impeached in US history over immigration law violations and misleading Congress.

– This impeachment sends a message to Republican voters that their concerns are heard and acted upon by their representatives.

– Citizen activism in red states drives renewal of faith, family, and freedom, challenging liberal ideologies.

In a historic vote, it’s the first time in US history a sitting cabinet secretary has been impeached. The two articles of impeachment accused Mayorkas of willfully refusing to enforce immigration laws and lying to Congress, claiming that the border was secure when the entire nation could see otherwise. In his official statement on the Mayorkas impeachment, Speaker Mike Johnson said, “For nearly a year, the House Homeland Security Committee has taken a careful and methodical approach to this investigation and the results are clear. From his first day in office, Secretary Mayorkas has willfully and consistently refused to comply with federal immigration laws, fueling the worst border catastrophe in American history.”

This impeachment is not going to go anywhere in our aloof Senate that consistently does the bidding of the Swamp and the DC oligarchy. I think this impeachment was important for two reasons. First, it’s an act of holding a sitting cabinet secretary accountable, and that is hugely important because scholars have recognized that one of the key characteristics of a genuinely authoritarian regime is the complete lack of accountability among its leaders. When there are no checks and balances and leaders are no longer accountable for their actions, then you have, by definition, an authoritarian government. Secondly, given how utterly disappointing the GOP as a party has become, this was very important for the Republicans to finally deliver to their voters.

The Republican Party constantly stabs its voters in the back! They never fail to betray their constituents. This impeachment was a very important message to Republican voters that they hear us, share our frustrations at the southern border, and we are going to vote to represent us and our interests rather than the interests of the ruling establishment. It looks like they’re doing the same when it comes to that horrific monstrosity of a bill passed by the Senate sending a near $100 billion of foreign aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

Over $60 billion alone is going to the corrupt tyrannical hellhole otherwise known as Ukraine. Our border is a mess. Fentanyl poisoning is filling up morgues across the country, our cities are surpassing Mogudishu in the societal breakdown, violent crime is skyrocketing, and the oligarchs in the US Senate have nothing better to do than to send our money to oligarchs overseas. 17 Republican senators voted for it. It is nauseating. They care more about the borders of nations 10,000 miles away than our own.

The good news is that it looks like the bill is DOA in the House. Speaker Mike Johnson is publicly stating that the bill is not even going to come up for a vote. He looks like he is holding the line on behalf of the Patriots, and that is most likely because he’s hearing from us. His phone is ringing off the hook from grassroots patriots telling him under no circumstances are you to even think about bringing this senate travesty to a vote. Our borders matter to us more than theirs.

The New York Post just published this recently: Texas is actually on track to building more border wall than Trump did. Texas has added upwards of 200 miles of border wall, razor wire, and fencing across their border in addition to the wall constructed under Trump’s administration. Here’s Texas Governor Greg Abbott:

Texas forces are doing it. There has been a dramatic reduction in illegal border crossings since Texas implemented Operation Lone Store some months ago. In 2021, 70% of illegal immigrant arrests occurred at the southern border in Texas. Today, that number has more than halved, dropping to just 34%. Texas is doing far more than just securing the border. Texas Republicans are leading the way in recovering state sovereignty and citizen political control. As we see the rot of dysfunctionality in DC and Blue States more and more imploding under their own lunatic woke ideologies, citizen activists in Red States like Texas are rising and leading the way in restoring the political integrity of our Republic amid so much liberal rot.

We do not have to wait for Establishment Republicans in DC to get on board with us. We can take matters into our own hands locally, through county and statewide activism, to hold our local and state leaders accountable to represent and enact our values in state policy. That is exactly what Governor Abbott is doing, and several other red state governors are joining him in this fight. They are banding together to stand up for Red State values, and together we are going to move forward in the societal renewal of faith, family, and freedom!

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