Major Political Upheaval as Patriot Right WINS in Europe!!!

We have some amazing news coming out of Europe over the weekend! There were two elections on the continent and the nationalist right absolutely stomped the left!

– Germany’s Patriot party, AfD, secures a significant victory in the district council election.

– Greece’s conservative party, New Democracy, achieves a landslide victory.

– Finland also shifts to the right with the National Coalition Party and the Finns Party forming a coalition government, ousting the ruling Democrats.

In Germany, the AfD, or the Alternative for Deutschland, which is Germany’s patriot party, won a HUGE victory. They won their first-ever district council election in the district of Sonneberg in Thuringia. It marks a major breakthrough for the party, especially given how they defeated the incumbent CDU Party, which is their RINO, center-right party, the party of Angela Merkel.

This is being hailed as a political earthquake. That’s exactly how the French media is covering it:

What’s even more astonishing is that according to the latest polling, the AfD has now officially surpassed the leftist ruling party known as the SPD. They are the Social Democrat Party which is linked with the Green Party in a ruling coalition over the last couple of years after the insufferable Angela Merkel was finally driven from power. The AfD, the German patriot party, is now polling higher than Germany’s ruling party. The AfD has now hit 21% support, while the SPD has slipped to 19%.

They’re now officially the second-strongest party, just behind the center-right CDU, Angela Merkel’s party. There are several reasons that pundits are pointing to for the rise of the AfD including Germany’s economy being in tatters, it’s being ruled by the extremist Green Party that’s mired the nation in green-flation, there are many concerns about unfettered immigration and widespread disapproval of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s support for Ukraine. There is also a massive revolt against Germany’s green energy policies that are ravaging the economy.

But what’s really at the heart of all of these concerns is an increasing sense among Germans that they’ve lost their national sovereignty. They are simply not allowed to govern their nation in a manner that is independent of the wishes and whims of the EU and the Bullies in Brussels. That is what’s really giving rise to the AfD, and that rise is just beginning.

In the nation of Greece, the conservative party known as New Democracy won a massive landslide second term on Sunday, crushing the political left, winning nearly 160 out of the total 300-seat parliament. The left-wing Syriza party, which governed Greece a few years ago, collapsed to win barely 47 seats. The current government is considered the most rightwing that Greece has had since the restoration of democracy back in 1974.

The smaller “far-right” parties surged! After you get rid of the seats for Syriza and other smaller leftwing parties, there are 42 seats left, and they are mostly being shared among three brand new nationalist populist parties that stormed the election. Golden Dawn was the third largest party in Greece and they were Greece’s patriot party. But they’ve been banned, several of their leaders were jailed on corruption charges, and so these three parties are all basically factions from Golden Dawn.

Now the question is how much influence are they going to have over the more center-right New Democracy party. Pundits have noted that New Democracy has already been moved to the right, particularly on immigration issues, due to former Golden Dawn members joining their ranks. It will be interesting to see the extent to which Greece has a full-blown nationalist populist government.

So we have Greece, Germany, and as of last week, the nation of Finland got what many are calling its most rightwing government ever. In April, the center-right block known as the National Coalition Party came in first, winning 48 seats with 21% of the vote. The real stars of the night were the “far-right, the radical right, the extreme patriot right” party known as the Finns Party.

They were originally called the True Finns, but now they’re just the Finns Party. They are the bonafide patriot party of Finland, and they came in second winning 46 seats with just over 20% of the vote. Together, the coalition knocked out the ruling party, the Social Democrats, which came in a very disappointing third, at just over 19%. As a result, the rising rock star of the International Left, their prime minister Sanna Marin, the darling of globalists, was officially ousted!

So as of last week, their new nationalist-populist government, the most rightwing government ever to rule Finland, was installed, and of course, they’ve wasted no time in implementing a very hard stance on immigration. They are tightening immigration requirements like a tougher immigration line, stricter asylum policy, and time-limited protection of asylum-seekers. They’re implementing standards for mandatory cultural integration among immigrants and reducing the quota number for refugees.

Europe took a major turn to the right over the weekend, and along with nationalist populist governments in Hungary, Poland, Italy, and Sweden, things are about to get very interesting!

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