MAGA Takeover: Trump’s Plan to Reshape Washington’s Administrative Landscape

Kevin Roberts, the President of the Heritage Foundation reigned fire down on the Globalists in Davos! He declared right before these technocratic tyrants in no uncertain terms that their time was up.

– Kevin Roberts, president of the Heritage Foundation, is tasked with implementing Project 2025.

– A second-term Trump is seen as the Deep State’s worst nightmare, with plans to shatter the existing bureaucratic structure and reshape federal agencies.

– The establishment’s efforts against Trump have failed, and he is positioned to win the nomination and defeat Biden in November, ushering in a transformative second term.

Kevin Roberts is in charge of replacing upwards of 10,000 positions in the Administrative Branch of Washington with solid MAGA conservatives on day one of President Trump’s inauguration. The latest Anselm poll that just came out shows Trump with a nice bump from his dominance in Iowa, so it is becoming increasingly evident that Trump will be elected as the GOP nominee and the winner of the 2024 election.

Kevin Roberts is the president of the Heritage Foundation in DC who has been tasked by President Trump to implement what they’re calling Project 2025. Project 2025 is a holistic, step-by-step plan to immediately and completely reign in and dismantle the woke leftist administration state once Trump is elected. Here’s Kevin Roberts explaining what they have planned:

Trump has a plan to implement what’s called Schedule F on the first day of his presidency. Schedule F reassigns federal bureaucrats in DC as Schedule F employees, which, in effect, strips away all of their employment protection, thereby enabling the president to fire tens of thousands of Deep State bureaucrats. A second-term Trump is the Deep State’s worst nightmare! Not only is he going to fire tens of thousands of these ultra-left bureaucrats, but he also has plans in place to replace them with loyal patriots who would guarantee America First populism governing the nation for the foreseeable future at the permanent bureaucratic level. Kevin Roberts has been tasked with enlisting and recruiting upwards of ten thousand loyal ultra-MAGA replacements for these bureaucrats. The Deep State knows that if Trump were to win a second term, their days are over. He will shatter the Deep State apparatus and dismantle the administrative state such that the FBI and all the other three-letter agencies will be unrecognizable after he’s done.

As we are seeing, everything the establishment has tried to do against Trump has failed. It has only made him stronger. Trump is poised to win the nomination like no candidate has ever done. He is positioned to crush Biden in November, and then institute a second term unlike anything we could have ever imagined!

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