Liberals RAGE Against Illegal Immigration!

Eric Adams ran for election promising to make New York even more of a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants. He ran on virtue-signaling nonsense claiming he would make New York even more of a sanctuary city. Texas Governor Abbott called him out on his hypocrisy!

– There is a growing internal divide within the Democratic Party over the issue of open borders.

– Texas Governor Greg Abbott proposed transporting illegal immigrants to Democrat-controlled cities, highlighting the issue’s impact in areas that previously championed open borders.

– Mayor Adams now recognizes the need to stop illegal immigration.

There is a very real civil war brewing inside the Democrat Party. This is a party that, up until now, has been able to maintain at least an outward appearance of total and complete unity around the absurd notion of open borders. Border security is racist, we’ve been told. The xenophobic policies of Trump’s border wall were the ‘epitome of racism!’ Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s border securities policies are not just dangerous, according to many, they’re racist! This is all we have heard for the last seven years from every major Democrat politician and legacy media outlet.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott came up with the idea to transport illegal immigrants to the very Democrat-monopolized cities that virtue signal to the rest of us about the glories of an out-of-control border. Suddenly, these states are becoming overrun with the very illegal immigration that they have unanimously championed. It’s now being widely reported that a massive rift has opened up between Eric Adams and Joe Biden. Adams has been publicly ripping Biden, saying that he’s abdicated his law-enforcement responsibilities and failed to provide the necessary leadership to overcome this crisis that is about to destroy New York.

This Democrat politician has said that Illegal immigration needs to be stopped. He claims if it is not, we are going to lose ‘our city (New York).’ This hypocritical mayor had to experience the effects of illegal immigration in his city before he recognized what Trump and the MAGA movement have been trying to do for this nation. The concern he has for his city, Texans have had for their state and we have had for our nation. What’s true of his borders is equally true of our borders.

If shipping them from Manhattan to Queens isn’t a solution, then neither is shipping them from McAllen Texas to Waco Texas; or from state to state. The source of the problem, as pointed out by Eric Adams, remains unsecured and unresolved. The Democrats have officially broken their unity over this issue. We have the Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, and his ingenuity, to thank!

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