Liberal Media LIES About Biden’s Impeachment!

The permanent political class is at work pushing propaganda approved by donors, billionaires, and bureaucrats. They are all spouting out, in lobotomy-like unison, these pre-selected talking points!

– Multiple speakers dismiss the impeachment inquiry and claim there’s “no evidence.”

– Viewership of legacy media has declined significantly over the years, attributed to embracing advocacy journalism and confirmation bias.

– The cycle of increasing partisanship and decreasing trust in the media is seen as a threat to the legacy media’s viability, indicating that its days may be numbered.

Everyone you just heard there unanimously dismissed this impeachment inquiry on the same basis: there is ‘no evidence.’ Just like there was no evidence whatsoever about election fraud. According to these people, the 2020 election was the most pristine election in the history of humanity.

You can see it already with the USA Today headline: ‘Look ma, no evidence!’ We can all be so glad that USA Today hires actual reporters who do independent fact-checking and don’t just push pre-packaged Democrat drivel. Here are the comparable lobotomists at Yahoo News talking about ‘zero-evidence’ in their headline for the impeachment inquiry. They are all actively and faithfully spewing out corporate-approved talking points.

As far as the legacy media is concerned, this impeachment inquiry is being launched without a shred of evidence that Biden has done anything wrong. Just like in 2020, they are arguing that Biden is the most moral man to ever walk the halls of DC. This is the unilateral narrative of the lobotomist legacy media. There are two theories of how we arrive at truth. One is called the correspondence theory to truth. This theory is that a statement is true if it corresponds to an objective state of affairs. What the legacy media operates with, however, is the performative theory of truth.

The performative theory of truth looks at statements that generate reality. They create reality by their very utterance. An example of this is when a pastor or priest declares: ‘I now pronounce you husband and wife.’ The words create a new state of affairs. The people were not husband and wife until the clergyman declared them so. It’s the same with a judge’s verdict. When a judge says ‘I find the defendant not guilty’ and then he hits his hammer on the gavel, this is an example of performative truth. The truth of that defendant’s guilt or not guilt was just determined by the words used by someone in authority to make those pronouncements.

This is how the legacy media works. They are not in the business of reporting reality, which the correspondence theory of truth would require. They are instead in the business of fabricating reality and declaring their truths, not proving them or reporting them.

It comes as no surprise to anyone that poll after poll shows that the legacy media has experienced an implosion in trust and confidence. They are simply not fooling anyone anymore. We have to recognize just how far the legacy media has fallen here. In the 1960s, 50 million people, on average, got their news from 3 networks. Cronkite alone could pull in 30 million. That’s when our nation had a population of around 200 million. Today, our country is approaching 350 million, and when you combine all the networks and cable news outlets, the total viewership barely tops 20 million.

The legacy media has imploded. This is largely because of their embracing what’s called ‘advocacy journalism’ which begins with the woke leftist partisan narrative that they want to advance. Their ‘journalists’ attempt to fit the ‘facts’ into that narrative. Advocacy journalism almost inevitably commits the fallacy known as confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is when information and data are configured specifically to support one’s prior beliefs and values. This is why more and more people see the ‘information’ coming out of the legacy media as no more trustworthy than ‘scientific data’ coming out of Phillip Morris or Marlboro cigarettes.

Lestor Holt of NBC News shocked his audience when he was accepting an award at a media symposium by making a shocking admission, ‘It’s become clear that fairness is overrated.’ He said, ‘The idea that we should always give two sides equal weight and merit does not reflect the world we find ourselves in.’ They are openly admitting that they’ve picked sides. They are blatantly partisan, and ironically in all of this, that partisanship is killing the legacy media as a viable business model. The success of modern journalism is built on trust. The only way modern journalism works is if audiences trust the news outlets as reliable mediators of information.

If there is a significant doubt that arises from that. If audiences begin to suspect that they’re being fed partisan talking points, they are going to look elsewhere for their information. We can see how these two dynamics interrelate. The more partisan the legacy media appears, the more trust in the media erodes. The more trust in the media erodes, the more they lose their audience which means the only audience that’s left are the fringe partisan die-hards who want the media to go even further left, and the whole cycle repeats. What all of this means is that the days of the legacy media are coming to an end. Fewer viewers are taking them seriously than ever before. The days of the legacy media are quickly coming to an end!

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