Liberal Media Admits Trump is UNBEATABLE!

The leftwing activists disguised as journalists over at CNN are being forced to admit that after four indictments and the mugshot seen around the world, Trump is only getting stronger. We have now one pundit calling Trump ‘unbeatable!’ His political dominance is rising like never before, and the legacy media is beginning to hopelessly spiral!

– A Wall Street Journal poll indicates growing concerns about President Biden’s fitness for office.

– 75% of voters think he’s too old for the job and 60% believe he’s mentally unfit.

– Trump’s dominance in the GOP primary is unprecedented, leading by nearly 50 points in recent polls against potential rival Ron DeSantis.

Biden is collapsing. The latest Wall Street Journal poll is devastating for Biden. 75% of voters think he’s too old and he needs to withdraw from the next election. 69% of Democrats agree. 60% of all voters believe Biden is not mentally fit for the job. When a super-majority of voters thinks one is too old and too senile to be president, they are not going to get reelected. Peter Doocey of Fox News was doing what he does best, harassing the White House’s chief diversity hire:

The fact that Jean-Pierre was ready for the question about Biden’s capability with that sad excuse for an answer shows you that the White House is panicked. They simply don’t know what to do. This is why they’re so concerned about Robert Kennedy Jr. RFK has the highest favorability rating among all the candidates, nearly 50%. Biden is tanking in the 30s, well behind Trump. Kennedy has risen to upwards of 20% in several polls, and we have polling that shows that about a third of Democrats don’t know that much about Bobby Kennedy, and of that third, two-thirds want to see someone else other than Biden. This is also causing the media to panic.

George Stephanopolous and Donna Brazile panicked that this Wall Street Journal poll was utterly devastating for Biden and they are desperately hoping that the indictments and mugshot would finally take Trump out! Ed Rollins, the veteran Republican strategist and DeSantis supporter who is the head of the Ready for Ron Pac has admitted that Trump is unbeatable. Trump’s domination in this primary is so beyond anything we’ve ever seen that there’s simply no way anyone, including DeSantis, is going to come anywhere near beating him.

If you look at the RCP aggregate polling, around this time in 2015, the last time we had a major GOP primary, Trump had a 12-point advantage over everyone else. In September of 2011, Romney had a +1.8 advantage. Previously, in 2007, Rudy Giuliani was leading with a +10 advantage. In the last three major GOP primaries around this time in early September, the leader was at most up +12. Right now according to the latest Wall Street Journal poll, Trump is beating DeSantis 59 to 13, so Trump is leading by nearly 50 points.

This is why President Trump isn’t even remotely bothering himself with the GOP debates. There’s no point. Instead, he joined Tucker to talk about substantive issues, not donor-class-approved talking points from D-list Fox News lineups. Donor-class Republicans at National Review like Andrew McCarthy are all doing everything they can to get rid of Trump. They’re going so far as defending the integrity of these indictments. The editor-in-chief at the Washington Examiner is begging the other candidates to drop out and rally behind a single alternative to Trump because if they don’t, we are going to be stuck with Trump again. The more honest pundits and pollsters are finally admitting that Trump is utterly unbeatable. This is now officially his party, and now it’s time to take back our country!

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