It’s official! Recall efforts are underway to oust Katie Hobbs once and for all from the Arizona governor’s mansion! We’re going to look at the launch of the recall campaign, we’re going to see how it’s part of an unprecedented series of recalls to sweep the nation, and make sure to stick with me to the very end of this video when we’ll find out how those recalls are awakening a grassroots giant ready to take our nation back! You are NOT going to want to miss this! ….

-Recall Katie Hobbs has OFFICIALLY BEGUN!

-Recalls in general are SWEEPING the nation!

-This signals a huge rise in anti establishment sentiment and I explain EXACTLY WHY!

If Katie Hobbs thought she could just waltz right into the Arizona’s governor’s mansion without a fight, she’s in for one rude awakening! The Arizona chapter of Americans Against Mail-In Voting has launched a campaign to recall Katie Hobbs in view of what they perceive to be a number of election discrepancies. As Kari Lake’s lawsuit goes to the Arizona Court of Appeals this week, a number of Arizonans are taking matters into their own hands and pushing back against what they believe to be blatant election disenfranchisement on the part of Maricopa County officials. In an official statement, the voting rights organization said: “Americans Against Mail-in Voting believes that righting the wrongs of the 2022 midterms in Arizona will pave the way toward election integrity across the country. Many disillusioned citizens were told to look at Arizona as a pillar of mass Mail-In Ballots’ success, while they look toward adopting a policy similar in their own states. This recall effort is a country changing event.” And I think that statement is more right than it recognizes, and that’s because it’s being widely recognized that recall efforts themselves are changing the nation like never before!

For example, school board recall efforts have absolutely surged across the nation to completely unprecedented numbers. According to Ballotpedia, recall efforts last year were actually double the ANNUAL average. One of the more dramatic examples was one parents in the liberal bastion of San Francisco came out in droves in a recall effort to vote out 3 radical leftists on their unified school board, all of whom were defeated with upwards of 70 percent of the vote! But those school board recall efforts really are just the tip of the iceberg; take a look at this: these are the total amount of recall effortsacross the board just last year alone! Recall efforts have been absolutely skyrocketing, and about half of them have been successful!

Once again, one of the more shocking ones of late involved a Soros-funded San Francisco district attorney by the name of Chesa Boudin, was so far left that even San Francisco voters revolted and successfully recalled him! Boudin had been implementing what he called ‘restorative justice’ which sought to end mass incarceration by finding alternatives to locking up criminals. In other words, under his leadership, you better be prepared to get robbed, because whoever is robbing you most likely just got out of jail for free and no longer fears any societal retribution! Well, San Francisco voters came together, organized a recall petition, and booted him out of office once and for all! But again, as you can see, that’s just par for the course of a recent surge in recall efforts. Governor Gavin Newsom of California, Gruesome Newsom, survived a recent recall effort, but it clearly damaged him politically, at least in terms of any national aspirations he may have. And this I think is so key to what’s happening here in Arizona. There’s an overwhelming sense among a growing number of voters that our election system is simply untrustworthy; and so, radically localized recall efforts are increasingly being seen as an effective corrective to that. Now of course, recall efforts are still subject to the very election processes that are considered so dubious, and so something akin to a Steve Bannon precinct strategy is absolutely essential to this, where grassroots patriots volunteer as poll workers by the thousands to oversee the integrity of elections.

We’ve also talked about the single best proven strategy out there for combating Democrat and RINO election shenanigans, which is what’s called the SoCal Ballot Harvesting initiative! The Southern California republican party has mastered the ballot harvesting process to such a point that they have dominated back-to-back elections, and that strategy absolutely has to be implemented by Republicans across the nation. So we still have the election process to contend with strategically; but in the end, that’s not the point of a recall effort; what you may be surprised to find out is that recall efforts are far more damaging than Katie Hobbs could ever imagine!

It’s widely recognized that recall efforts don’t just politically weaken the target of the recall, in this case Katie Hobbs;recall efforts in effect weaken and destabilize the whole of the political system itself! It’s a way of eroding any and all political capital, and this is key, that ANY and ALL politicians have within that system! Recalls have the effect of creating a kind of political paralysis, by destabilizing the government as a whole and making it far more ineffectual in interfering in the daily lives of its citizens. What this means then is that recall efforts are an effective way of pushing back against election shenanigans or even perceived shenanigans. It’s a way of sending the message: ‘you may get away with being selected rather than elected, but doing so comes at a significant political cost, and that includes the Rino Republicans who participate in these shenanigans!’

Remember, when it comes to states like Arizona and Michigan and Pennsylvania, this is NOT a single-party issue; this is a uni-party issue, a duopolist alliance between Democrats and Rino-Republicans who equally feel threatened by the rise of the MAGA movement! So recalls have the effect of undermining and destabilizing the whole government apparatus, adversely affecting BOTH Republicans and Democrats; that’s ultimately how recall efforts work, regardless of whether they actually remove a politician or an official from office! So obviously we’ll be keeping a very close eye on how things develop in Arizona, but there’s no question: with recall efforts hanging over her head, it looks like Katie Hobbs has already lost in more ways than one!