Leftists Panic as Patriots Build a NEW CHRISTIAN NATION!

We are seeing an entire town openly worshiping God. In Moscow, Idaho we see the center of a massive movement to actively build a conservative, thriving, and authentically Christian America. The movement is booming!

– Christian Nationalism is experiencing a resurgence in America, with significant support for the idea of the United States as a Christian nation.

– Moscow, Idaho, has become a hub for this Christian renewal, led by Pastor Doug Wilson and Christ Church.

– The resurgence of Christian patriotism is attributed to the deep historical ties between Christianity and the fabric of American society, despite periods of hostility from the courts and secularization in recent decades.

The legacy media is beginning to realize that a widespread and formidable force is rising all across the country and is threatening to dethrone leftwing wokeness from the levers of cultural power. Christian Nationalism, once thought dead and buried with the fall of the Religious Right, is booming. From patriot sermons in pulpits all across the South, to young firebrands like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, we are seeing Christianity surging in America. Even Californian congregations refused to shut down during COVID. Christian patriots took over entire counties.

Christian America is back, with more pastors and politicians exhorting the faithful to rise against the horrors of secular wokeness and reestablish a sacred public square. That vision appears to be spreading like wildfire. Pew researchers were stunned to find out recently that a full 45% of Americans believed that the United States should be considered a Christian nation. A recent study from the Public Religion Research Institute found that 30% of the 5,000 respondents they surveyed across the country believed that US law should be based on Christian values. Christian nationalism is booming most in the northwest of America.

Idaho, eastern Washington, eastern Oregon, Montana, and Wyoming, are seeing a mass migration of patriots from all across the country and even from around the world who have come to live together and deliberately build a faithful and flourishing Christian society. Since it was originally proposed by author and former military intelligence officer James Wesley Rawles back in 2011, conservative Christians have been flocking to these states by the tens of thousands. Reports show rising local property prices as well as burgeoning conservative political activism.

At the heart of this Christian renewal is the bustling college town of Moscow, Idaho. Nestled in the north panhandle about an hour and a half southeast of Spokane, Moscow has traditionally been one of Idaho’s few liberal blue dots amid a sea of red until Christ Church moved into town. Led by Pastor Doug Wilson, the church’s membership has skyrocketed and now, together with its affiliate churches, makes up over 10% of the town’s population. This is largely because, under Wilson’s guidance, the church has built the basic infrastructure for a flourishing Christian society.

They have a k-12 classical school that restores the education of our founding fathers, centered on theology, Latin, and the Great books, a classical college providing a four-year high-quality liberal arts degree, and a congregation consisting of enterprising entrepreneurs who have bought up several commercial premises on Main Street. That basic social infrastructure is flourishing. Scores of families have flocked to Moscow to see their children schooled in the finest education in America. According to Wilson, a recent census study revealed that 35% of school-aged children in Moscow are being educated in conservative Christian schooling or homeschooling.

At this rate, in just the next decade, woke secular public schools will be the minority. Many graduates go on to get married and settle down in Moscow, working in one of the growing Christian business ventures in town, and looking forward to reaping the massive multi-generational blessings to come. This success is making liberals in the legacy media very upset. The success of the American Christian renewal is so undeniable and so troubling to legacy media leftists that NBC’s Meet the Press devoted an entire program to the rise of Christian Nationalism in America and Moscow.

What so obviously escapes the secular perspective of the legacy media’s reporting is the answer to the fundamental question: why? Why is a particularly patriotic and public Christianity rising so quickly and overwhelmingly? Christianity is wedded indelibly to the very fabric of our nation. In 1892, Justice David Brewer, in a landmark Supreme Court decision, made the official declaration that the United States is ‘a Christian nation.’

Brewer cited several state and national Supreme Court cases that used the Christian heritage of the United States as a rationale to support their judicial decisions. For example, he cited two blasphemy cases in which the Courts recognized that Christianity was indeed the professed religion of the American Republic. When the Pennsylvania Supreme Court stated that Christianity is and has always been a part of the Common Law of Pennsylvania. The first public school textbook printed in this country was called the New England Primer, published in 1777. It taught children to recite morning and evening prayers, as well as to memorize the Apostles Creed and the Puritan Westminster shorter catechism.

But something happened mid-twentieth century that changed all of this. Before the year 1940, the phrase ‘separation of church and state’, first used by Thomas Jefferson in his letter to the Danbury Baptists in 1802, was referenced only a handful of times by Supreme Court justices. But something happened after 1940. Suddenly, the court turned hostile to Christianity. In the decades following, the Supreme Court has referenced the separation between church and state thousands of times.

However, despite the radical secularization that’s eclipsed our nation over the last few decades, conservative patriotic Christianity has continued unabated. Having been forced underground, its seeds are once again rising. And so, it appears that Christian patriotism is back, and if what’s happening in Idaho and throughout the northwest is any indicator, the sounds of sacred celebrations heralding that return will eventually echo everywhere!

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