Katie Hobbs STEPS DOWN as Governor of AZ!!!

Things have gotten even more ridiculous and mysterious with this utterly corrupt and degraded Arizona governor as the Republicans have temporarily taken power. We are going to see the latest bombshell with this fraud governor and what it all means for our politics as a whole going forward!

– Katie Hobbs, former Arizona secretary of state and now governor, has mysteriously stepped down from her position.

– Reports of the duration of Hobbs’ leave have varied, making the situation unclear.

– Hobbs’ questionable path to office and her sudden departure further eroded trust in government institutions, contributing to a broader trend of delegitimization.

It is now being widely reported that Katie Hobbs, the former secretary of state now turned fraud Governor of Arizona after putting herself in charge of counting her opponents’ votes, has officially stepped down as Governor. It is being reported as a temporary disappearance on Hobbs’ part, and no reason has been given for the departure, or even how long her leave of absence will be. It’s extremely bizarre and mysterious. In her place, a Republican, Arizona treasurer Kimberly Yee has taken over as acting governor.

The legacy media continues to act as propagandists for Democrat power. Reports are coming out that Yee is assuming gubernatorial power ‘for just a few hours!’ This has not been substantiated though, because they also claim that we do not know exactly how long she will be stepping down. Yee announced via Twitter, and Yee is already making some waves. Yee has banned two of Hobbs’ appointees from official government meetings, refusing to acknowledge their authority. The incident involves two executive deputy directors and Yee, now the acting governor, is refusing to recognize that they have any authority in the Arizona government.

She banned them from official government meetings. Hobbs has been running into countless roadblocks with the Republican-dominated legislature in terms of getting her radical leftist appointees confirmed, and Yee is just continuing to extend that much-deserved obstruction. The Hobbs governorship at this point has been an abject disaster as we all knew it would be. She has just consigned herself to becoming the veto governor. She has vetoed more bills than any Arizona governor in history. Arizona is dominated by a Republican legislature, and Hobbs has just reduced herself to a total obstructionist at this point. She’s an obstructionist with the border and banning CRT in classrooms.

What’s happening here is that Katie Hobbs’ stepping down has only further served to delegitimize her already suspect tenure as governor. She only has herself to blame for that. If the very process by which Hobbs assumed office was suspect, then her entire legitimacy of tenure is tainted. Hobbs has inescapably undermined the legitimacy of her administration. The stability of any government rests on a concept that the sociologist Max Weber referred to as ‘legitimation.’ So for Weber, the only way a government can flourish, apart from sheer totalitarianism, is if it convinces the masses that it is worthy of their trust.

The moment the government is seen as corrupt, fraudulent, and protective of the interests of the rich and the powerful, that government goes through a process known as de-legitimation and the stability of the government begins to falter. All you have to do is ask the Soviet Union or the Berlin Wall what happens when enough people see the government as incurably corrupt. What’s happening today is that de-legitimation is spiraling out of control. Every single poll has shown an absolute implosion in trust in all our public institutions: government, military, police, banks, schools, and universities. Across the board, Americans in larger numbers than ever don’t trust our public institutions. That distrust and de-legitimation have spun out of control.

And it’s not just here, we are seeing this in Europe as well. There is a massive populist uprising on both the right and the left, that is ready to throw this entire permanent political class overboard. Katie Hobbs stepping down without explanation only serves to further delegitimize our government institutions. Given that Hobbs came to power under such strange and suspicious circumstances, in the end, she only has herself to blame!

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