Karine Jean-Pierre HUMILIATED In Recent Interview!

The White House is circling the wagons as even mainstream news outlets are beginning to question Bumblin’ Biden’s cognitive decline! We’re going to see the interview that caused White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre to rage quit on live radio, and why it is that the White House is finding fewer places to hide!

– White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dodges a direct question about President Biden’s cognitive health during an interview with a North Carolina radio station.

– Polls indicate widespread voter concern about Biden’s cognitive decline, with 76% expressing worry and 62% being very concerned.

– Voters increasingly connect Biden’s cognitive decline with the nation’s challenges, leaving the White House with few places to hide from questions about his health.

White House press secretary Karine Jean Pierre was on an interview with a local North Carolina radio station, 99.3 WBT Charlotte with news director Mark Garrison. Mark Garrison isn’t a conservative. He doesn’t host an avowed conservative radio program, this isn’t a Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin equivalent. Garrison is, you know, straight down the center news. But he did something that no one in the legacy media is supposed to do. He asked this White House spokesperson a legitimate question that’s on the minds of 80% of voters:

She wouldn’t answer the question, “Does the president have dementia?” She went on to obfuscate and evade and dodge and jumble and blur in an attempt to do anything other than answer the question. Polls consistently show that a supermajority of voters are indeed concerned about Biden’s cognitive capacities. The latest NBC poll found that Biden’s age and cognitive decline ranked among the top concerns voters have for his presidency. 76% of voters are concerned about Biden’s cognitive degeneracy. 62% are very concerned.

The press conference after the Hur Report came out that the Justice Department wasn’t going to press charges on Biden for his mishandling classified documents because he was too old and senile was supposed to assuage concerns over his cognitive health. It only ended up making those concerns worse! It’s not this North Carolina radio’s fault for asking this, it’s Biden’s fault for being so clearly incompetent.

What this radio interview demonstrates is that the White House simply can’t hide from this anymore. This is Biden’s Achilles heel. Democrats are panicking because they know voters are not going to reelect a president they believe is not cognitively fit for the job. The likely reason why Karine Jean-Pierre rage-quit there is because she knows voters are seeing a connection between Biden’s mental degeneration and the degeneration of the nation as a whole.

Biden’s approval rating and trust in handling each issue has plummeted dramatically in the last four years. In 2020, Biden had a 9-point lead over Trump in terms of his being perceived as competent and effective. Today Trump has a 16-point lead. That’s a 25-point swing to Trump. In October 2020, Biden led Trump by a point in having the necessary mental and physical health to be President. In 2024, Trump now has a 23-point lead over Biden, again a 24-point swing.

All the down-ticket issues exemplify the same pattern. In dealing with crime and violence, back in 2020, Biden was +4 over Trump. Today, in 2024, it’s now Trump +21. In securing the Border, Trump has more than doubled his lead in the last four years. In dealing with the economy, Trump has tripled his lead. Biden’s painfully obvious cognitive degeneration is being seen by more voters as the primary cause for the nation’s degeneration, and increasingly the White House is finding out that when it comes to questions about Biden’s cognitive health, there are almost no places to hide!

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