Kari Lake WINS in Court!!!

Truer words may never have been said; the Supreme Court of Arizona has issued a stunning ruling in Kari Lake’s favor, we’re going to take a look at the ruling, we’re going to see how it is indeed a game changer, and we’re going to see the lesson that all patriots need to learn from the one and only Kari Lake!

-Kari Lake’s team will get to review ballots!

-This is a huge development that the left is burying

-Kari is both successfully challenging her election AND showing the GOP how to fight back!

The Arizona Supreme Court just issued a stunning ruling on behalf of Kari Lake! In a blistering decision, the court overruled a dismissal by a Maricopa County court that denied Kari Lake’s team factual review of the signature verification process ! The Supreme Court is now ordering the lower court to allow for precisely such signature verification review! According to the opinion written by Chief Justice Robert Brutinel, the lower trial court erroneously dismissed Kari Lake’s claim challenging what they believed were faulty and frankly absent signature verification procedures on early ballots, and so, the lower court is now being forced to take up that claim. Kari Lake’s team has eyewitnesses who are testifying that Maricopa County election officials permitted the counting of tens of thousands of mail-in and drop box ballots that did not satisfy signature verification requirements, including allowing “tens of thousands of ballots with signature mismatches.”

So according to eyewitness testimony as detailed in the filing, a number of identified mismatches, mismatches identified by poll workers, were overturned by someone higher up the supervisory chain, as it were, so it appears to have been deliberate. And so Lake’s legal team cited Arizona law requiring signatures on early ballot envelopes be checked against the signature already in a voter’s file. That’s part of the chain of custody procedure, and it also allows for a process known as curing the ballot, which if the signature doesn’t match, poll workers can follow up with the voter to see what’s going on. And Lake claimed that the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office did indeed accept a number of ballots with unmatched signatures and did NOT either cure the ballots or reject them as required by Arizona law! Now, during trial a couple of months back, the lower court threw this charge out, as I understand it, they didn’t even pursue it, but now Arizona’s Supreme Court is stepping in and ordering that lower court’s judge, Judge Peter Thompson, review and revisit precisely that element of Kari Lake’s case!

So this is HUGE! This is, as one person put it, one of the most egregious arguments of misconduct that was brought before the courts, they dismissed it, and now it’s being forced back! Kari Lake’s team is going to have the opportunity, as I understand it, to actually review the signatures themselves! I mean, this is amazing! Kari’s so awesome, look at this tweet: ‘They want to ARREST me for exposing fraud in the 2022 Election. Now, the AZ Supreme Court has ruled that the very fraud I highlighted has to be looked at. This is big, folks. Hit me with your best shot. I will never, ever back down. Try me.’ RC Maxwell concurs: ‘The Arizona media establishment [which is radically woke and leftist] owes Kari Lake and the entire state an apology!’ But of course, we all know not to hold our breaths on that; they’re too busy fixating on the Arizona Supreme Court dismissing most of Kari Lake’s case, which they did, which, in many ways, we predicted they would. But as legal expert Robert Barnes is noting, what the Supreme Court affirmed in Kari Lake’s case is indeed HUGE! It’s Massive, as Barnes calls it, because it’s going to require real factual review of the signature issue in the election

Kari Lake’s tenacity, her willingness to fight against a corrupt establishment, is propelling her to the top ranks of GOP stars! Kari is now the favorite to win the Arizona senate seat in November if the courts don’t come through with her gubernatorial challenge. She’s beating both challengers rather impressively according to the recent polls, and that’s coming on the heels of the shocking Rasmussen poll that went back to ask Arizona voters who they voted for in the midterm elections, and nearly 10 percent more said they voted for Kari Lake! According to this poll, 51 percent of Arizonans who said they voted in the election confirmed they voted for Kari Lake, only 43 percent said they voted for Katie Hobbs! That’s a near 10 point difference; so something’s certainly not right here. Regardless, Kari’s tenacity, her refusal to roll over and allow the establishment to have its way, her willingness to fight back is clearly a blueprint for not just political success, but for the success of the MAGA movement as a whole! Kari was on Charlie Kirk’s show a few weeks back when she finally addressed the question about a run for the US senate:

So there you have it; she is utterly relentless, in the best sense of the term; she is not bowing out, she’s not going away, and I think she’s being very, very smart here! You can do both! You can pursue your court case, all the way up to the Supreme Court as she’s vowed to do, AND you can lay the groundwork for a successful US Senate run! And what brings the two together is your relentless tenacity to fight on behalf of patriots everywhere!