Kamala Gets HUMILIATED in Puerto Rico

We’re going to see the latest humiliation to befall the current disaster of a vice president and why more Democrats are calling on her to resign!

– Kamala Harris faced embarrassment in Puerto Rico when a group sang a protest song questioning her purpose there.

– Similar incidents occurred during her visits to Guatemala and the border, highlighting public discontent.

– Democrats are facing challenges with both Biden’s low polling and Harris’ unpopularity.

Kamala was seen before the world cluelessly clapping along, all smiles, as a group sang what turned out to be a protest song. This song protested the fact that she was there in Puerto Rico in the first place! The song satirically asked in Spanish, ‘We want to know, Kamala, what did you come here for? We want to know what you think of this colony you’ve made!’

This isn’t the first time Kamala has found herself publicly humiliated like this on an official visit. She has a rather unique propensity towards public embarrassment. We saw it in her official trip to Guatemala City when protestors plagued Harris’ visit with signs reading: ‘Trump won’ and ‘Kamala go home.’ Others read ‘Kamala mind your own business’ and ‘Guatemala is pro-life.’ This is just par for the course whenever she goes on any trip. Protestors flooded her arrival at the border, excoriating her for waiting so long to visit the border and the Biden administration’s utter incompetence.

Harris saw signs such as ‘Trump won,’ ‘F*** Biden,’ ‘How Many little girls need to be raped’ before the administration declares the border crisis a ‘crisis,’ and signs asking if the vice president could ‘hear their screams.’ Another sign said the ‘spirit of America starts at the border.’ On Univision, she showed the same level of hostility and defensiveness when asked why she hadn’t visited the border. That’s because they knew back then that this was turning out to be a political disaster for them. The legacy media recognized months ago that the Democrats were losing the election over this disaster at the border, which has only gotten worse since her humiliating visit.

This latest disaster in Puerto Rico is once again foregrounding the growing calls by leftists in the legacy media for Kamala to step aside for the good of the country. Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post is the latest to call on Kamala to step aside. She’s posting some of the worst approval ratings of any vice president. She’s a political disaster, and Democrats don’t know what to do. They have Biden polling at the lowest level of any incumbent president running for reelection. They know he can’t win reelection since he is polling extremely low.

Apart from the left’s election shenanigans, which they’re going to be more desperate to try to pull off than ever, their bid for 2024 appears in worse shape than ever. But without a viable alternative to Biden, which of course would naturally be the vice president, they are stuck. There’s nothing they can do but run the most unpopular president ever because his running mate is the most unpopular vice president ever!

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