Jordan Peterson HUMILIATES Mark Cuban on DEI!

Mark Cuban is having a meltdown because he got face-planted on X over his cringeworthy defense of DEI. Jordan Peterson gives a masterclass on how to effectively shut down the absurdities of the woke.

– Woke Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives are facing widespread backlash, with hiring freezes and mass firings occurring across various industries.

– The Supreme Court’s decision to end affirmative action has intensified the rejection of DEI efforts.

– Jordan Peterson called Cuban’s arguments clueless and highlighted the true nature of equity as striving for equal outcomes, often exploited for moralizing purposes.

One of the most exciting developments is news of woke DEI initiatives imploding everywhere. There is a hiring freeze on DEI officers, but mass firings are happening all over the country. It is being widely reported that DEI positions are getting slashed across the board, in virtually every industry. This follows on the heels of the landmark decision handed down by the Supreme Court last summer, a 6 to 3 decisive smackdown officially ending affirmative action, particularly about college admissions. The ripple effects are being felt throughout society, most particularly in corporations that started firing their DEI officers shortly after the Supreme Court’s decision.

Unfortunately, somebody forgot to tell this to Mark Cuban. As far as Mark Cuban is concerned, DEI is our strength. This is what he tried to argue originally to Elon Musk, who called out DEI for being blatantly racist. Cuban tweeted this whole pathetic defense of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that was so patently self-unaware that Musk responded with one simple and brilliant sentence: ‘Cool, so when should we expect to see short white/Asian women on the Mavs?’ referring to Cuban’s basketball team, the Dallas Mavericks.

It was a brilliant answer that exposed Cuban for being so out of his league in trying to be an apologist for things he doesn’t understand! But he didn’t stop! He doubled down on the intellectual humiliation. He tried to take issue with the notion that equality involves openly accessible opportunities, whereas equity involves socially engineered outcomes.

Kamala Harris explained the difference between equality and equity and she even provided pictures. Equality is where we start, but equity is where we finish according to Kamala. But this is not the case according to Mark Cuban. He wrote, ‘I’m sorry. I can say with 100 pct confidence that anyone who believes “Equity” is “about providing equal outcomes” does not understand what Equity in DEI is. “Equal Outcomes” is the disclaimer the Anti-DEI movement uses to try to scapegoat DEI as unusable and unsuitable. You will not find that in any corporate DEI program. Ever! Never, ever, ever! (Feel free to provide a company website that says equality of outcomes to prove me wrong!) It’s just the usual ridiculous commentary.’

What Cuban just said there was patent nonsense. He got nuked by Twitter’s Community Notes which provided countless websites of citations that identify equity with an equality of outcome, defined by the proponents of DEI. That would be bad enough, but then Jordan Peterson, who has had much experience with this kind of woke DEI stuff, countered Cuban’s points.

Peterson responded to Cuban’s obvious ignorance with this: ‘This is truly one of the most clueless missives I have ever seen on Twitter and that is a hard contest to win! Where the hell have you been for the last twenty years? Because the world you think you live in bears absolutely no resemblance to the world that currently exists. What exactly do you think transpired around Harvard and Claudine Gay? Let me guess: systemic racism poor Dr. Gay. Do you understand the depth of the rot her appalling display at Congress revealed–and was echoed by the presidents of MIT and UPenn[?] Let me put it so you could understand it if you had ears to hear and eyes to see: EQUITY IS 100% ABOUT EQUALITY OF OUTCOME. THE PURPOSEFUL CLOUD OF LINGUISTIC CONFUSION AROUND THE TERM IS THERE TO ALLOW MORALIZING BLIND ENABLERS SUCH AS YOURSELF TO MAINTAIN THEIR DELUSIONAL ALLYSHIP. And you take the bait to assuage your guilt for whatever you may have had to do in the course of your life–perhaps while amassing your fortune. That’s between you and God and rightly so but in the meantime the rest of us can only watch and wonder in utterly open-mouthed amazement!’

It is tragic that oligarchs like Cuban so willingly allow themselves to be manipulated as useful idiots in this culture war. It’s a blessing beyond words to have someone like Jordan Peterson so honestly yet brutally call him out!

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