Joe Rogan Supports TRUMP?!

Joe Rogan gave one of the best summaries of why Trump is running away with this election. Joe Rogan spoke to the social media star Patrick Bet-David, who was his guest at the time. This viral clip going around is from several weeks ago, but it is making the rounds again on social media.

– Trump is gaining unprecedented support, with endorsements from Joe Rogan and Univision, signaling a shift in media perception.

– Univision executives visited Mar-a-Lago for an interview with Trump, recognizing a significant swing in Latino voter sentiment towards Trump.

– The Washington Post acknowledges Trump’s hybrid candidacy advantage, combining incumbent success and insurgent appeal.

Trump is currently unbeatable, and he is going to have Joe Rogan voting for him come November of 2024. Rogan showed support to Tucker Carlson at the UFC 295 fight over the weekend, with Trump there in attendance. That night in Madison Square Garden a couple of days ago was huge in terms of seeing how the winds have completely changed since 2020.

Trump is crushing it, and more people want him back as president. A rather panicked piece from the Washington Post describes this. The Spanish-speaking media outlet Univision, which was notoriously anti-Trump throughout 2016 and 2020, is now, like Rogan, fully embracing Trump. Trump is doing the unthinkable: he sat down with Universion for an interview at Mar-a-Lago. He invited the executives of Univision to his home there, and they came and spent several hours there.

The ultra-leftists over at the Washington Post are freaking out over it. They are realizing that the Latino vote is swinging massively toward Trump by double digits, and so is Univision. They know that if they want to stay on air, they are going to have to accurately represent the sentiments of Latino voters. In fairness, those sentiments have changed dramatically.

There was a time in 2016 when nearly 7 in 10 Latinos voted for the Democrat, but this is gone. Trump is consistently polling in the high 40’s with Hispanics. He and Biden are almost polling equally, which is a disaster for Biden. This is not just being seen in Latinos.

One of the co-founders of BLM has come out and endorsed Trump. Mark Fisher, the founder of the Black Lives Matter chapter in Rhode Island and chairman of BLM in Maryland has now publicly endorsed President Trump for 2024. In doing so, he is tracking with a massive surge in the black vote for Trump. This surge is beyond anything any Republican has seen in half of a century.

According to an assessment by the Washington Post, we now have data that shows that Trump is beating Biden among non-white men. The overwhelming advantage of what Dick Morris refers to as Trump’s hybrid candidacy is pushing Trump ahead of all of the other candidates and Biden in these key demographics. As Rich Baris puts it, he is both incumbent and insurgent. Trump has a proven record that he can appeal to that is infinitely better than Biden’s.

He is not the incumbent, he is new. He is an insurgent who can change the policies that are in place now by the disastrous Biden administration. Everywhere Trump goes, he can point to his successes as a proven track record for getting our nation back on track, just like Joe Rogan talked about. This is the advantage Trump has as a hybrid candidate. One of the reasons why he is so unbeatable is that no other GOP candidate has that advantage. This is why Trump is awesomely formidable. More people who up until now would never have given him the time of day are recognizing just that and are taking their place on the Trump train riding full speed ahead!

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