Joe Rogan Gets RED PILLED!

Joe Rogan has gotten fully red-pilled, and both he and his guest reveal why more former leftists are rising and ready to join forces with the right.

– In a podcast with comedian Bobby Lee, Joe Rogan discusses leaving California, citing dissatisfaction with radical leftist ideology and lawlessness.

– The Overton Window concept illustrates a shift toward the center-right as the far left redefines political norms.

– The interview suggests that wokeness is causing a realignment in politics, pushing individuals to the right who were once on the center-left, potentially leading to a unified opposition against the woke left.

Joe Rogan had the comedian Bobby Lee on his podcast the other day when the conversation suddenly turned to why Rogan left California for Texas:

There are so many larger cultural trends that are interspersed with what Rogan said there, which can help us to better understand the time we are in. The first thing he decried was the radical leftist ideology that so many in LA and the West Coast, in general, are trapped in. In an argument first made by Sam Huntington of Harvard in his clash of civilizations thesis, he argued in the early 90s that the twentieth century was the century of ideology, whereas the 21st century would be the century of identity. All of the great clashes of the 20th century centered on ideology.

Ideological rigidity is considered by most people to be totalitarianism in its most stark form. What Rogan is saying is just confirming what Sam Huntington predicted. We are going to increasingly reject ideology, particularly in its more tyrannical forms, and embrace the hallmarks of identity. For Rogan, it’s not just the tyrannical element of this leftist ideology that’s such a turn-off, it is the insane lawlessness. The fundamental characteristic of woke leftist ideology today is increasingly called anarcho-tyranny.

We’ve all witnessed anarcho-tyranny firsthand in ways like a police officer charging $100+ fine because your parking meter went 10 seconds over while ignoring the homeless guy five feet away from you shooting heroin and taking a crap on the sidewalk. Anarcho tyranny is a combination of legal exemptions for supposed victims combined with legal weaponization against supposed victimizers. This is because the purveyors of wokeness see criminals as victims and the law-abiding as perpetrators.

In an anarcho-tyrannical system, law-abiding citizens are recast as criminals because they purportedly perpetuate a political, economic, and legal system infested with racist and bigoted policies. When practiced by the protected classes of woke theorists, criminality is a ‘cry for help!’ This is destroying our nation’s cities where defunding the police and Soros-backed DAs have unleashed an unprecedented violent crime wave across the nation. This is also destroying our nation’s southern border, but that’s what Rogan and any sane person are decrying. Bobby Lee, the comedian Rogan is interviewing, made a very interesting comment in response to that.

He said that he is in the middle now. This is known as the shift in the Overton Window, which defines the range of acceptable political opinion. Elon Musk once tweeted out a graph that shows the dynamics of what’s more commonly known as the Overton Window, which defines the range of acceptable political opinion. The graph shows how over the last 10 years, the far-left has shifted the Overton Window so that those who once found themselves on the center-left are now increasingly, because their politics haven’t changed amid this woke trend, increasingly finding themselves on the center-right.

This can be seen in the way the legacy media depicts people like Elon Musk or Joe Rogan. The Atlantic, which has degenerated into nothing less than a complete woke shill, has publicly labeled Elon Musk as far right. Legacy media types even go so far as to label Bill Maher as conservative or far-right. As you can see here with this Rogan interview, this is the source of the woke’s eventual demise. It is being increasingly recognized that wokeness is destroying the political left. That is because wokeness splits the left.

Woke issues such as trans athletes competing in women’s sports and CRT in the classroom split the left. Wokeness also unites the right. The political right opposes all things woke. In this interview, wokeness is effectively realigning our politics. People who once would never even have imagined themselves on the political right have been banished to the right by their fellow leftists who have gone woke. They have been excommunicated, as Rogan notes, and as the number of excommunicated racks up and eventually joins forces with the united right, we can all band together to eventually and finally crush the woke left!

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