Joe Rogan thinks you need to know THIS about George Soros! He was recently speaking with his guest, the former CIA agent Mike Baker, about Sam Bankman-Fried, when they broached the topic of the sordid political webs funded by Soros…

-Rogan WENT OFF on George Soros

-His supervillain like nature is becoming more and more well known

-I’ll get into WHAT EXACTLY motivates Soros in his leftist crusade!

Talk about getting an inside scoop there; Rogan relayed to us a conversation that he had with Texas governor Greg Abbott at the governor’s mansion in Austin. Rogan of course left California as a leftugee and sought refuge in the wonderful state of Texas, in Austin, and according to Governor Abbott, what Soros does is he deliberately pushes urban politics, metropolitan politics, radically leftward. You may remember that one of his star candidates, a San Francisco district attorney by the name of Chesa Boudin, was so far left that even San Francisco voters revolted and successfully recalled him! Boudin had been implementing what he called ‘restorative justice’ which sought to end mass incarceration by finding alternatives to locking up criminals. In other words, under his leadership, you better be prepared to get robbed, because whoever is robbing you most likely just got out of jail for free and no longer fears any societal retribution! But unfortunately, what Soros is doing is indeed working in many parts of our nation. In fact, according to Fox news, Soros-funded DAs now represent about 20 percent of the American population! That’s an astonishing number of DAs all ultimately in the pocket of one man!

He’s like an evil villain from a Batman movie! Others have made the comparison to Emperor Palpatine, it was like they were separated at birth! Yeah, we have to remember that for a lot of the globe, Soros is no champion of justice; Mike Baker mentioned Soros’ for breaking the Bank of England. Well he didn’t stop there; many others blame Soros for crashing the south-east economy through the same ruthless currency speculation. Soros is rightly considered a very sordid character around the globe! And as Rogan is pointing out here, Soros’ political activism has brought that sense of societal ruin here to the United States! But why?

Of course the ten thousand dollar question is: what on earth is Soros’ end game here? If that CIA fellow knows, he’s not saying! It IS hard to really know WHY Soros is doing this, why he’s inflicting so much chaos and ruin in our nation’s cities; there are a couple of theories out there. One, is he simply hates the United States being the sole superpower in the world; he has reportedly said that. Business Insider recently ran a piece pushing this thesis, that Soros wants to intentionally weaken the United States from within so as to weaken its power abroad. Soros saw the United States’ sole superpower status as a threat to international peace and prosperity, and so in order to further a far more multilateral world order, he’s been deliberately trying to sow internal discord and disarray here at home! The problem with that thesis is that Soros is no more friendly to China than he is to the United States; or with Russia for that matter; it doesn’t seem like multilateralism per se is the end game!

There’s another thesis: Soros is deliberately trying to weaken the United States, particularly at its local municipal levels, so as to be able to usher in a more globalist-inspired conception of government, replete with something like Interpol, a kind of international policing. That would certainly explain the tens of millions of dollars poured into the coffers of some of the most anti-law enforcement DA’s on the planet, and it takes stock of his radical commitment to globalization and centralized globalizing institutions, like the WEF. Ultimately, however, we’re going to have to find out what Soros’ intentions are! The beauty of people like Joe Rogan shining light on Soros’ activities is that he can no longer operate under the radar! Rogan wants you to know that Soros’ political activities indicate he’s definitely up to something, and it’s not good; and it’s up to us, to thwart his evil plans!