Joe Biden’s Polls Are Getting WORSE!

The latest devastating polls show Biden collapsing. We are seeing more Democrats’ abandoning Biden; all as Trump’s numbers continue to surge!

– A recent TIPP poll indicates that nearly 70% of voters believe Joe Biden should be removed from office if charges of the Biden family receiving over $30 million from overseas entities are proven true.

– Biden’s polling in swing states is plummeting, with surveys showing Trump leading in battleground states and even winning the popular vote, raising concerns among Democrats about the upcoming elections.

– Democrats are increasingly recognizing the political challenges ahead, with Trump surging and Biden facing widespread dissatisfaction, leading to a growing number of retirements among Democratic officials.

A brand new TIPP poll shows that nearly 70% of voters, including 50% of Democrats, said that Joe Biden must be removed from office if it turns out that the charges against Biden are indeed true. According to the poll, voters were informed that the charges involve the Biden family taking in more than $30 million dollars in payments from overseas governments and corporations. If this is true, then voters want him gone. They don’t care whether it is impeachment or resignation, but they agree that he will need to leave.

What makes this poll even more devastating for Biden is that the overwhelming majority of voters believe he DID in fact receive money from foreign governments and corporations. This TIPP poll is putting a new spin on the recent rash of announced retirements among Democrats. Senate Democrats are having to defend their seats 2 to 1 against Republicans. The GOP is defending 10 seats while the Democrats are defending 20 seats.

This announcement of the Democrat Manchin’s retirement just guaranteed at least one of those seats will flip. Kari Lake looks like she’s on her way to win the three-way Senate race in Arizona, with Kirsten Sinema running as an independent splitting the center-left between herself and the Democrat candidate. Congressional Democrats are following suit, with more announcing their retirement. It is being widely reported that there is an increasing sense of impending dread among Democrats who see Biden just politically cratering with no chance of recovery.

More commentators are recognizing that Joe Biden is beyond help. His polling in swing states is in an absolute freefall. This is all regardless of whether there were any political shenanigans. All the polling that we are seeing today is radically discrepant from what we saw in 2020. There was no poll that showed Trump winning in any of these swing states. Now that is the only result we are seeing.

A couple of weeks ago, we saw the New York Times poll show Trump leading Biden in five of six critical battleground states. It showed Trump leading by a lot. Trump also led Biden by double digits on virtually all of the major issues that voters were concerned about such as the economy, crime, the southern border, and peace abroad. The latest CBS poll has Trump beating Biden 51 to 48. Trump is winning the popular vote in these polls.

It is not just the battleground states. Trump is winning the popular vote. We are seeing a new Emerson poll that corroborated the New York Times swing state poll. Emerson, too, has Trump leading in 5 of the 6 swing states that Biden had supposedly won in 2020. The latest bombshell from Bloomberg shows Trump leading in all six swing states. Were the election held today, Trump would easily crush Biden in an electoral landslide. Democrats are reading the writing on the wall. Biden is politically collapsing as Trump continues to surge. Judging by the growing number of Democrat retirements in DC, it looks like even the rats are recognizing that it’s time to start fleeing the ship!

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