It looks like Joe Biden and the Biden crime family just got caught!

-Hunter and Joe’s corrupt Ukrainian business connection has them ON TAPE taking bribes!

-The same day Trump is indicted for the 2nd time!

-It may be over for Biden. Biden 2024 may be over as soon as it started…

Senator Chuck Grassley has just revealed a bombshell in the ongoing corruption investigation into the Biden crime family. According to Grassley, the foreign national accused of bribing former Vice President Joe Biden kept seventeen secret recordings of conversations with both Hunter and Sleepy Joe as “an ‘insurance’ policy.” For those you don’t know, this foreign national in question has been identified as Mykola Zlochevsky, he is the owner of Burisma, a corrupt Ukrainian energy company, where Hunter Biden was serving on the board of directors to the tune of a million dollars a year. Here’s Senator Grassley:

Now, the 1023 he’s referring to there is a form special agents fill out to record raw data and reporting from confidential human sources. The 1023 is a form that’s part of the investigative process, and as part of that process, we now know that there are indeed recordings, that this fellow Zlochevsky made of his interactions with both Hunter and Joe regarding the alleged $5 million dollars that he paid to Biden! On the day that Trump announced he was being indicted AGAIN, that was the very day, coincidentally enough, that a bombshell report came out that claims that Bumblin’ Biden received a $5 million bribe from this executive at Burisma. The report suggests of course that the executive sought favor from the Bidens due to an ongoing corruption investigation by Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin. The report alleges that the executive stated payments of $5 million were made to both Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, again, Hunter being on the board, we already know he was betting $83 thousand dollars a month for sitting on the board, but NOW, according to Senator Grassley, now we have audio recordings between this Burisma executive and Bumblin’ Biden, as well as Hunter! So this is HUGE!

Now, the astonishing thing is that none of this is a secret; and that’s because we have a video where Joe Biden openly boasted about demanding that a Ukrainian federal prosecutor investigating Burisma, the firm Hunter Biden served on as a member of the board of directors, be fired or else Ukraine would not get a billion dollars in loan guarantees, check it out:

Now that video admission was stunning. Aside from getting a sneak peak in how the US state department has ruled Ukraine over the last decade, as you can see, it’s the US government that dictates to the Ukrainian government how it conducts its business. But besides that, we’re actually seeing Biden openly admit at the CFR, the Council of Foreign Relations, how he engaged in a blatant quid pro quo with American tax dollars. Either you fire this special prosecutor investigating the corrupt Ukrainian energy company that just paid me $5 million dollars and put my son on their board of directors or I’m withdrawing a billion dollars in loan guarantees! Quid pro Joe! Dare I recall how a certain other president of the United States was actually impeached over an accusation like this? ‘Either you do what I want you to do or you’re not getting any money!’ Why is it ok when Ol’ Joe does that, especially after he was allegedly paid $5 million dollars by the very company he ended up lobbying for?!?

Now all of this is corroborating in a “Smoking-gun email” first revealed by the New York Post back in October of 2020. It was of course discovered on the abandoned Hunter Biden laptop, and it revealed how Hunter Biden introduced a Ukrainian businessman to his then-VP dad. According to emails in the laptop, Hunter Biden introduced his father, who was the then-Vice President, to a top executive at Burisma, a different executive from Zlochevsky. And of course that meeting between then vice president Joe Biden and this top executive took place less than a year before Biden threatened to withhold a billion dollars in aid from Ukraine until their government fired a special prosecutor investigating Burisma. Now, not only did this have the appearance of a clear quid pro quo, you’ll get your money but not until you get rid of this special prosecutor who’s investigating my son’s company, but the fact that emails revealed that Biden met with or was meeting with an executive from that company completely contradicting his repeated denials that he ever discussed Hunter’s overseas business dealings!

So this whole sham is just crashing down, at least it would appear: we now have at least two Burisma executives confirming that they met with then-vice president Biden, one who supposedly recorded their conversations and who allegedly paid Biden $5 million dollars, months before he openly admitted to pressuring the Ukrainian government to fire a special prosecutor investigating Burisma, using a billion dollars of tax-payer money as leverage! So, ironically, on the day that President Trump is getting arraigned, we may be seeing the House of Biden come crashing down instead!

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