A bombshell report just revealed who destroyed the Nord Stream Pipelines! We’re going to take a look at the latest and we’re going to see if it puts an end to this mystery once and for all, you are NOT going to want to miss this!

-We suspected it but it is now ALL BUT CONFIRMED!

-The evidence implicated BIDEN HIMSELF!

-If not handled carefully this could easily lead us to WORLD WAR III!

A highly detailed investigative report reveals precisely who ordered and carried out the bombing of the underwater Nord Stream pipelines. Former New York Times reporter and Pulitzer prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh has published the findings of an investigative report that accuses US President Joe Biden of personally overseeing and ordering the destruction of the pipelines. The report actually outlined the details that led up to the attack carried out on September 26thof last year: First, in June of 2022, a special unit of elite US divers planted remote controlled C4 explosives on the pipelines. Second, on September 26th, a Norwegian surveillance plane dropped a sonar buoy onto the surface of the Baltic Sea. Third, the Buoy proceeded to emit a sequence of unique frequency sounds and finally, those frequencies triggered the C4 censors and detonated the explosives!

Now, it must be noted, that the bombshell report, which was published on Hersh’s Substack, is ultimately grounded in the eyewitness testimony of an anonymous source; so we don’t know who’s leaking here; and anonymous sources, as you know, are highly precarious in terms of their reliability! Again, in fairness, the Russian collusion hoax was literally sustained for years by daily leaks from so-called anonymous sources! So that needs to be clear here! That said, the source supposedly has direct knowledge of the operational planning behind the attacks, and that source did confirm that the purpose of the sabotage was to make sure that Germany stayed loyal to NATO’s mission to ultimately bring about an end to the Putin regime in Russia. Now, first and foremost, I think Hersh should be lauded simply for providing the first detailed investigative report on the Nord Stream explosions; or if you’re Karine Jean Pierre, the Nordstroms pipelines! The fact that this is the first real investigative piece behind those explosions throws into relief the shameful reality that the legacy media doesn’t do investigative reporting anymore! We talked about this on our video yesterday featuring CNN’s Don Lemon and his embarrassing meltdown on live tv that he had the other day. There’s simply no point to skeptically claiming ‘there is no evidence, there is no evidence’ when all the while they refuse to so much as LOOK for the evidence! It’s a willful blindness, and it’s a blindness that’s being led by the establishment narrative. And no one’s buying it anymore!

Trust in the legacy media is at an all-time low for a reason, actually for a number of reasons; but one of them is this duplicitous dismissal of any and all evidence that goes against the establishment narrative, all the while they refuse to investigate it! Absent an investigation, you’re nothing more than an ignoramus! So at the very least, what we have here from this former New York Times reporter, and Pulitzer prize winner at that, is a real investigation, a bona fide investigation into who was responsible for sabotaging the Nord Stream pipelines! But you’ll also notice that the regime robots have a playbook for how to deal with rogue reporters! Apparently Seymour Hersh’s Wikipedia page already designates him as a kooky conspiracy theorist! I’ve seen firsthand how Wikipedia editors operate behind the scenes; they took down my Wikipedia page, and in the process of debating it, I witnessed some of the most far left radical nuts come in and sabotage my page! So that’s Wikipedia for you, even the co-founder of Wikipedia today thinks it’s nothing more than leftwing trash at this point! HE doesn’t even trust Wikipedia, and he founded it! So I applaud the investigative integrity that we’re seeing here with this report, in stark contrast to the paralysis of propaganda that marks our dying legacy media! ……But in many respects, this report is just icing on the cake of what is already some bombshell evidence that points directly to the Biden administration! Here’s what Joe Biden said back in February:

Now that seems like a pretty explicit admission that as far as the US is concerned, a Russian invasion of Ukraine and functioning Nord Stream pipelines will not be allowed to BOTH take place. You’ve got one or the other, take your pick. But that statement by Biden seems uncharacteristically clear and direct but interestingly, it wasn’t just Biden! This is Victoria Nuland, the undersecretary of state who was one of the architects behind the 2014 coup in Ukraine, here’s what she had to say in January of last year:

And on top of all that, after the pipelines were blown up, the Polish Eurocrat Radek Sikorski tweeted out in no uncertain terms: ‘Thank you, USA.’ Needless to say, that tweet has since been deleted. Strangely, and of course, it may be mere coincidence, but a brand new pipeline between Norway, Denmark, and Poland opened right around the time of the Nord Stream sabotage, providing Europe with an energy source completely independent of Russia! And then, perhaps MOST curiously, shortly after the explosions, Swedish officials conducted a series of official investigations into the explosions that happened within their economic zone, and yet, after completing their investigations, they mysteriously refused to share any of their findings, with either Russia or with Europe! The only thing they would confirm is that they did find evidence that the pipelines were intentionally sabotaged. According to the German paper Der Spiegel, Sweden justified its refusal by claiming, “the confidentiality level of the results of its investigation was too high to share them with other states.” The mystery of Sweden’s actions only deepened when just days later Swedish officials rejected plans to set up a formal joint investigation team with Denmark and Germany to look into the cause of the explosions. According to Reuters, Sweden rejected the proposal for a Joint Investigation Team from the judicial cooperation agency Eurojust because such a joint investigation would include legal agreements under which Sweden would have to share information from its own investigation that it deemed confidential, and its release would be a threat to their national security.

When you put all of this together, there really can be only one culprit. Ultimately, it has to be the United States with the covert cooperation of NATO forces. The problem here is: if THAT’s admitted, if US forces or special forces associated with the US carried out the attack, that finding alone could indeed trigger World War 3! Were Russia to launch a comparable attack against our energy infrastructure, shutting down our domestic pipelines and supply chains, we would see that as nothing short of a provocation to war! So we can be sure of two things here: that the US and its allies will continue to deny absolutely any involvement in the sabotaging of the Nord Stream pipelines, and that trust in Biden and the legacy media in light of all this evidence will continue to implode!